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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Will Pakistan and India’s growing arms race and nuclear brinkmanship spiral into a catastrophe?

Pakistan conducts its 5th missile test in 45 daysPakistan on Tuesday tested its fifth nuclear-capable cruise missile with a 700km range that can deliver a one-ton nuclear warhead. Last month, India launched Agni V, a long-range ballistic missile. A statement issued by the military said the indigenously developed Cruise Missile Hatf-VII (Babur) is a low-flying, terrain hugging missile with high maneuverability and pinpoint accuracy. It can avoid being detected by radars. It can carry both nuclear and conventional warheads and has stealth capabilities. “It also incorporates the most modern cruise missile technology of Terrain Contour Matching (TERCOM), Digital Scene Matching and Area Co-relation (DSMAC), which enhances its precision and effectiveness manifold,” the statement said. On May 31, Pakistan test fired nuclear-capable Hatf-VIII cruise missile with a range of more than 350 km. Islamabad tested its quick reaction tactical nuclear-capable Hatf-IX missile with a range of 60 km on May 29. Before that, Pakistan conducted a test of the nuclear-capable Hatf-III ballistic missile with a range of 290 km on May 10. On April 25 it tested an improved version of nuclear-capable Hatf-IV intermediate range ballistic missile with 1,000 km range. –Times of India
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