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Friday, June 29, 2012

Nigel Farage: Europe has been saved - well, not quite! - RT video

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After a tough night of wrangling, EU leaders have agreed to set up a new authority - tasked with keeping sinking banks afloat. And to do that, the new agency will be given access to Europe's mammoth bailout funds - stocked in a large part by taxpayer money. This exact function was previously carried out by governments. But now, the EU can bailout a nation's banks - without adding to the government's debt levels - at least on the books. It's something that Germany strongly opposed, but was forced to relent on due to Spanish and Italian insistence. Nigel Farage, a member of the European Parliament and leader of the UK Independence Party, believes that it's Germany who plays the deciding role in these talks.


  1. Let's not forget that Goering laid the foundation of the EU. Germany was always behind it. Now that they have to pay, they're doing the political thing and saying they don't want to, like they're the victims. The German people are just as much victims as the rest of Europe, but they will eventually pay because it will go on and on until there's no choice but to pay. Then Germany get the empire. I think the antagonism with Britain is just smokescreen and it always has been. The Jesuit masterminds control both sides. What other organisation has a branch in every community on the face of the earth? They can get any information they want because a Catholic has to tell the priest everything in the confessional box under threat of eternal damnation if they don't. It's the biggest threat to national security that exists.

    1. I did surmise as much that Germany will play ball eventually because the leaders of all nations represent not the people of their nations nor do they have any allegiance to their people, just to the NWO. All Intelligence agencies are patterned on the Jesuit order, are actually extensions of the Vatican / Jesuit order that has been in the spy business since the 16th century, and even earlier through the Knights Templars and other secret societies. It is an open secret that the CIA was created by the Vatican through Operation Paperclip after WWII, therefore it would be naive to assume that the Vatican exercises no control over the CIA, MI6 etc. Jesuits control the Vatican, the Vatican controls the CIA, British Intelligence, KGB, Mossad etal. People may find that hard to believe but there is too much evidence to suggest that this is indeed factual.

    2. Nigel Farage is a bit of a worry. He's the polished performer that looks too good to be true. Who knows if he isn't the biggest shill in the European Parliament. He's very pro City of London. London is just as much responsible as Wall Street and depending on who's story you believe probably controls the whole of Wall Street, with more debt as well. I like watching him because he's plugging the traditional British line of causing more trouble by being in the EU than out of it. Britain has never shirked a crisis when it thought that a crisis was necessary.