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Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Bahrain crackdown: Opposition leaders wounded (VIDEO, PHOTOS) — RT

Riot police in Bahrain dispersed protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets as disorder in the country’s capital Manana continued. The opposition claims its leaders have been wounded in the clashes. The Opposition Al Wefaq organization claims its secretary-general Sheik Ali Salman was shot in the shoulder and back with rubber bullets during demonstrations in Manama. Another opposition leader, Hassan al-Marzooq, was shot and wounded in the chest.
The Bahraini Interior Ministry has yet to comment on the incident, but promised to prevent the Al Wefaq from organizing a protest in the Sehla suburb district of the capital Manana. The ministry claims the rallies are obstructing traffic. The ministry further says Al Wefaq has already been licensed to conduct a number of protests this year.
“Security forces have been careful in dealing professionally with political leaders but this time was different. It seems a gradual crackdown is going on," senior Al Wefaq party member Matar Matar told Reuters. "They are closing the small margin for freedom of expression.”
There have been reports of a heavy police presence in the suburb. Protesters were reportedly throwing Molotov cocktails at police, who responded with teargas grenades and rubber bullets.
The uprising in the Kingdom of Bahrain, which hosts America’s Fifth Fleet, has been ongoing for 16 months. The country’s Shia majority is rallying against the Western-backed Sunni monarchy to get broader political rights and participate more actively in the governing of their country.
The ruling Sunni Muslim Al Khalifa family has made some concessions to the Shia protesters. The parliament's powers of scrutiny over ministers and budgets have been extended, although the key demands for full legislative powers and elected governments was turned down.
The government accuses Al Wefaq supporters of following a sectarian Shiite agenda. The opposition party insists the Bahraini leadership is making excuses to avoid giving up its privileges.
Read Article: New Bahrain crackdown: Opposition leaders wounded (VIDEO, PHOTOS) — RT

Riot police officers remove roadblocks set-up by protesters during an anti-government demonstration in Karrana (REUTERS/Hamad I Mohammed)08.06, 23:515 comments

Bahraini police fire tear gas at thousands of pro-Rajab protesters (PHOTOS)

Bahraini police battled the biggest anti-government protests in weeks as tens of thousands of protesters rallied in support of Nabeel Rajab. The activist was arrested again reportedly because of posts on social networks.
Arab world protests
Bahraini police fire tear-gas at peaceful crowd (Photo by ‏@SAIDYOUSIF, YouTube video by malzhra)17.05, 22:3917 comments

Bahraini police fire tear-gas at peaceful crowd (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Bahraini security forces have once again used tear-gas on peaceful protesters in the country’s capital, Manama. While the mainstream media remains silent, Bahrain’s government has been suppressing anti-regime demonstrations for over a year now.
Demonstrators run through a cloud of tear gas fired by police during a protest in the village of Diraz, west of Manama April 21, 2012. (Reuters / Hamad I Mohammed)22.04, 06:4812 comments

‘West doesn’t care what Bahrain does to its people’

The pro-democracy protests in Bahrain have been going on for more than a year now but the West will keep on turning a blind eye to human rights in the country as long as it acts in accordance with US interests, says journalist Patrick Henningsen.
Arab world protests
The governor of Riyadh, Prince Sattam bin Abdul Aziz (R), welcomes Bahrain's King Hamad bin Issa al-Khalifa (C) at the Saudi capital's main airbase ahead of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) summit on May 14, 2012 (AFP Photo / Fayez Nureldine) 18.05, 12:0413 comments

Bahrain-Saudi Arabia union ‘meant to save US Navy base’

A possible attack on Iran would require a fully-prepared US Fifth Fleet, even as its host country Bahrain is engulfed in a public uprising. A solution comes after the island nation trumpeted a future formal union with its mighty ally Saudi Arabia.
Iran tension
A Bahraini army APC pulls out of an area near Pearl Square in Manama (AFP Photo / Joseph Eid) 12.05, 13:3428 comments

US restarts Bahrain arms sales amid rights anxiety

The US is resuming arms supplies to Bahrain after freezing delivery last October. Despite Washington’s assurance the weapons will not include any crowd control devices, rights activists have raised concerns that the US is supporting a dictatorship.
Arab world protests
Nabeel Rajab05.05, 23:0944 comments

Bahrain arrests main human rights activist Nabeel Rajab

Bahraini authorities have arrested Nabeel Rajab, rights activist and foremost critic of the Al Khalifa regime, as they continue their brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters. It comes after he was interviewed on Julian Assange’s “The World Tomorrow.”
Arab world protests
An anti-government protester runs for cover after setting fire to tyres, in Budaiya, west of Manama, early April 22, 2012 (Reuters/Hamad I Mohammed)22.04, 19:508 comments

More clashes expected after Bahrain GP goes ahead

The Formula One Grand Prix took place in Bahrain Sunday, despite becoming a focal point for internal protests, and attracting international censure. A fresh outbreak of violence was reported in the immediate aftermath of the race.
Arab world protests
Bahraini demonstrators throw Molotov cocktails at a police water cannon vehicle after clashes erupted during a protest calling for the release of a jailed activist in the village of Jidhafs, west of Manama, on April 6, 2012. (AFP Photo/STR)07.04, 22:1811 comments

Bahrain crackdown: ‘Opposition in dire need of media spotlight’

Bahrain security forces have again clamped down on protesters, as thousands marched in support of a human rights activist facing a life sentence. The regime, under increasing international pressure over the issue, has promised to review his case.

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