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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

India, Italy, France - next Economic dominoes to fall?

Blogman's Notes: Time and again, the unresolvable nature of the current Global Economic Crisis has been theorized by many alternative media analysts. I have posted several articles on my blog in regards to India, that this nation, out of all developing countries, is the Titanic waiting to meet the iceberg. Add to this the whole Eurozone (including Germany), a slowdown in China, deep rooted and unmanageable problems in Japan, and a fake recovery in the US, and what is left to sustain the 100% interconnected Global Economy, Timbuktu? or Haiti? or Liberia? Many have warned of the dangers of Globalization, now the consequences of Globalization will be borne by the whole world. Italy will follow Spain down the toilet, and if the game is still afoot after Italy, it will not be by the time France shows up on the radar, which many speculate is at best two months away. And the MSM still keeps harping on an imaginary recovery? What are they smoking over at CNBC, Bloomberg, WSJ etal.?
When we talk about economies that are looking horrendous these days, it is important to remember that there are other economies out there looking just as bad or worse, either right now or in the near future. The reason is because the global economy is so damn inter-connected that no large national economy can sustain any modicum of growth on its own. This fact is obviously the most apparent in a region such as the Eurozone, which forms a common market and shares a common currency.
Most of the focus is now falling on Spain after it announced that it will indeed need a massive European bailout for its banking sector, in unsurprising contradiction to what Mariano Rajoy stated just a month or so earlier, but soon it will also be Italy in the cross hairs once again. Andrew Davis and Nadine Skoczylas report for Bloomberg:
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