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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Economic Collapse - The Endgame Revealed

The Economic Collapse Endgame
Although many people are warning about a pending Global Economic Collapse, few actually look beyond the purely economic realm to understand the consequences of such a total Global Economic collapse. I believe the consequences will not just be Economic but will be threefold:
1.       Economic
2.       Political
3.       Social

1.       ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES: From an Economic perspective, the world faces depression that will make the 1930’s look like the Roaring 20’s. Economic collapses always result in mass migration, mass starvation, and mass death. Countries like China and India with billion + populations could see loss of life in the hundreds of millions but no region of the world would be spared.
2.       POLITICAL CONSEQUENCES: From a Political perspective, totalitarianism would be the result.  Modern technologies such as surveillance drones, cyber-spying, and energy weapons make it possible for the State to have total control over all citizens. The Orwellian State described in 1984 is primitive compared to the technologies that are available to the powers that be today. In a very real sense, resistance is futile because the PTB really do not need to confront anyone to control them as happened in Nazi Germany and in Soviet Russia. Just having a gun is not going to save anyone. I am not saying the situation is hopeless but that is because I personally do not put any hope in this all too brief life which will come to an end of its own accord even if a New World Order never comes to fruition.  Nonetheless a jackbooted Totalitarian State, unlike any seen in history, and covering the whole world is a planned outcome of this coming economic collapse. Just in the last couple of days, Mario Draghi, the head of the ECB and Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany have both called for European supervision of the largest European banks, regardless of their country of origin. By allowing the EU to take control of member nations’ finances, the EU, for all intents and purposes becomes the government of all EU members. From there the next logical step would be a political integration, and Europe will have been conquered without a shot being fired. This Brussels based EU government will be anything but benevolent; it will rule with iron-fisted brutality. This process will be repeated across the world by dividing the world into various regions. The US Army already has the world divided into six regions that are listed on their website:
They call these regions Commands and are as follows: NorthCom (North America), SouthCom (South America), AfriCom (Africa), EUCom (Europe), CentCom (Central Asia), and PaCom (Pacific Region.) The world has already become economically integrated through globalization, and as the nations of the world economically collapse simultaneously, what will emerge will be political integration, and it will probably be forced upon the vastly diverse and culturally divided nations of the world. Perhaps this is why the US Army has Commands for every region of the world since the US Army (including Air Force, Navy etc.) has the world divided into regions with active Commands over them already.
What shape this coming World Government will take is not yet clear but there can be no doubt that it will be Totalitarian beyond the wildest imaginations of any Sci-Fi Writer. The way I foresee it, in the aftermath of the initial collapse, there will be much greater political integration but not necessarily on a Global scale immediately.  Nonetheless those who will survive the coming Global Economic Cataclysm will find themselves in a world where the State will exercise increasingly greater control over just about all aspects of their lives till the State will control them completely, so that they will not be able to buy and sell, to engage in any economic activity, unless they bow down to the State and receive the mark of the beast.
3.       SOCIAL CONSEQUENCES: In times of Economic turmoil, the social order breaks down very rapidly. Peoples who may have dwelt together peaceably for generations but have religious or cultural differences suddenly become enemies. So breakdown of societies will be directly linked to the degree of economic problems seen in different regions. Some regions of the world, and within nations, may truly become Mad Max worlds, at least for a period of time. The powers that be anticipate such outcomes and will allow anarchy to reign; will allow the ‘useless eaters’ to kill themselves off. This will certainly make their goal of population reduction attainable in a relatively short period of time. So as the crisis escalates, look for your neighbors to be not so friendly, and for your friends to mutate into enemies, almost overnight in most cases. I read an excellent article on titled ‘The Government’s Boots on the Ground When It Hits the Fan May Be Your Neighbor’s. This article talks about how the government is training everyday citizens to become rats, snitches and spies for the State. This model was perfected in the Soviet Union, and is still used in Cuba, where there are people in every neighborhood spying on their neighbors and even on their families. Brings to mind Jesus’ warning in Luke 21:16 And ye shall be betrayed both by parents, and brethren, and kinsfolks, and friends; and some of you shall they cause to be put to death. Remember how Winston’s neighbor was ratted out by his son in 1984? So look for a complete breakdown of society and for the social order to degenerate into an ‘every man for himself’, and a ‘dog eat dog’ world where no one is safe, even from their own loved ones.

Sadly these are the consequences of what is happening in our world today. Unless we understand that there is a spiritual component to this equation, the situation is entirely hopeless. The Bible tells us that if only in this life we have hope, we are of all men the most miserable. If the only life we have is in this life, then we may as well eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die! If this is all there is, then what need is there for anyone to try and be good and moral? Then we may as well join the NWO and try and extend our life as long as possible and make it as comfortable as possible!

I personally understand that what is happening in our world is evil, and that evil is growing in the world not diminishing. I further understand that in order for there to be evil in this world, there has to be good as well. By taking the concept of Good and Evil to its logical conclusions, I have to conclude that there has to exist Absolute Good and absolute evil in this universe. Since Good and Evil are intangible concepts, we can only understand their existence by taking note of the consequences wrought by beings that are good or evil. I have no doubt that the NWO elites are evil because the consequences of their actions are evil. I have no doubt that the master they serve is pure evil, the one the Bible calls the ‘wicked one’. The wicked one and his servants are the takers of life not the givers of life. However I know Him who has given me life in the present time. He has also promised me life even after my body will have died. That is my Hope, the hope of Resurrection, and of Eternal life through Jesus Christ. Other than this hope, I have no solution to offer for the present and growing predicament that faces the whole world. Until next time, please consider your existence and ponder deeply whether it is even remotely possible that you are a product of random events; events that can never logically be explained, or is there a purpose for which you have been created, and placed on this earth by an all Wise and All Powerful Creator? Just because you may not yet understand these purposes yet, does not mean that there is no purpose! Feel free to comment and to write to me if you have questions about life beyond the Economy. Seek and ye shall find is written in the Bible, and I can assure you that everyone that seeks with a sincere heart will find. The truth has been revealed, it is up to us to go and search it out. Till next time, this is Paul Sandhu…

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