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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DERIVATIVES NIGHTMARE: A Fraud Far Beyond Fractional Reserve Banking - Part 1 - YouTube

Blogman's Notes: The word DERIVATIVES which I first heard back around 2003 is now in the vocabulary of the average Joe. What are derivatives, and why did Warren Buffet call them financial weapons of mass destruction? Going beyond banks and corporations, now nations and whole regions like the EU are now blowing up, so some type of financial weapons of mass destruction are certainly in play. These weapons are DERIVATIVES, and the following presentation explains what are DERIVATIVES and why they will blow up the Global Economy!
Here's an in-depth interview with author David Quintieri about the Derivatives nightmare, which is a blatant Wall Street fraud that goes far beyond the fraud of fractional reserve banking. Derivatives are the titanic of the world's financial system and we have already hit the iceberg. With more than $1,000 Trillion in outstanding Derivatives worldwide, the system cannot be "unwound" and it's impossible to save. 

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