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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Clashes at Republican Guards HQ near Damascus, reports of British forces in Syria — RT

Syrian government forces and the armed opposition are fighting in two Damascus suburbs, while there were also reports of overnight shelling in the capital. The clashes have been happening in the suburbs of Qudsaya and Hammah, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports.
AP also says that fighting raged near the housing compounds and bases of the Republican Guard.
"Artillery fire can be heard regularly in the capital, but it's the first time that there’s been the sound of such heavy shelling. There was no sound of aircraft however," says RT’s Maria Finoshina, who is currently in Damascus.
She added that the shelling also appears to be coming from one of the presidential compounds of Bashar al-Assad, and that many ambulances have been rushing injured people to hospital.
The intensified clashes may indicate that a coordinated offensive may be taking place in Syria, reports Israel's Debkafile website. The attacks are apparently targeting the presidential palace and the compound of the presidential guard, the site reports.
The site says there are unconfirmed reports that British commando forces crossed from Turkey into Syria on Tuesday, according to Gulf military sources. The force may be involved in securing a safe heaven for rebel forces along the border.
There were similar reports in February about the alleged presence of British troops operating in Syria. At the time the British government denied carrying out a clandestine operation in the country.
Recep Erdogan (AFP Photo / Adem Altan)Today: 13:4957 comments

Turkish PM vows to help 'liberate Syria from dictatorship'

Ankara pledged support for the Syrian rebels, and warned that any Syrian troops approaching Turkish borders would be considered a threat and dealt with as a military target.
Syria unrest
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)  meeting (AFP Photo/JohnThys)Today: 06:0841 comments

Turkey's downed jet: NATO action in disguise?

Turkey is pushing NATO to regard Syria's recent downing of a Turkish jet as an attack on the alliance. NATO is gathering to discuss the incident, while some see parallels with the events that preceded NATO’s campaign in Libya.
Soldiers from the 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division (Reuters / Lucas Jackson) 23.02, 22:0281 comments

US preparing for military intervention in Syria?

The US and other NATO countries could soon launch a ground assault on Syria. The final decision will be made soon, following this week’s Tunis conference where allied countries will meet to discuss possible scenarios of military intervention.
Arab world protests
Reuters / David Gray DG / PB09.02, 14:25118 comments

British, Qatari troops already waging secret war in Syria?

British and Qatari troops are directing rebel ammunition deliveries and tactics in the bloody battle for Homs, according to an Israeli website known for links to intelligence sources.
Syria unrest

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