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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Egypt erupting in violence

Egypt’s ruling military council has arrested 300 people and introduced an overnight curfew for the second night in a row following violent clashes in Cairo. Meanwhile, public anger has overflowed from Cairo into the city of Suez.
Military prosecutors say 300 demonstrators, including nine journalists, will be held for 15 days pending investigation into the clashes in the Abbasiya district on Friday.
After hours of questioning, the arrested were charged with assaulting army officers, assembling in a military zone and preventing members of the security forces from carrying out their work. The accused denied all charges.
The clashes erupted on Friday during an anti-military demonstration in Cairo’s Abbasiya district and resulted in one death and almost 400 injured. 
The military government has deployed extra troops in Cairo to try and curtail any spread in the violence that has gripped the city over the last week. An overnight curfew has also been introduced for a second consecutive night in the area surrounding the Defense Ministry.
Following the clashes in Cairo, a similar anti-military demonstration in Suez attempted to storm the governor’s office late on Friday.
Eyewitnesses say violence erupted in the center of the port city when anti-military protesters began to pelt the local governor’s building with stones. The subsequent skirmishes between police and activists led to the seven arrests.

Islamists join fray

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