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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Arab Spring in Egypt - Egyptians still waiting for democracy!

Blogman's Notes:

The much touted Arab Spring Revolution in Egypt has not brought Democracy to Egypt as the Western Media had forecast. It seems that Egypt will follow in the footsteps of Libya and Syria with a civil war and a much more brutal regime to follow that will replace the one that has been supposedly overthrown. Even with Hosni Mubarak gone, the military is very much in control of Egypt. A more appropriate term to describe the events of the past year in North Africa, and the Middle East, might be 'The Arab Winter' rather than the Arab Spring. Terrible times are in store for this region and I pray that it will not lead to more devastating wars and civil wars than have already been experienced in the region. World War 3 would not be out of the question if Iran is attacked. 

A protester protects a detained 'thug' from other protesters who wants to beat him during clashes between Islamist protesters and armed 'thugs' after an attack on protesters late Tuesday night, in Cairo May 2, 2012. REUTERS -Asmaa Waguih
(Reuters) - Egypt's army said on Wednesday it was deploying extra troops to control clashes that erupted at a protest near the Defence Ministry in Cairo, where medical and security sources said the death toll had risen to 11.
"Eight armored personnel carriers from the military central zone entered the Abassiya area to disperse the fighting between protesters, and not to disperse the peaceful demonstrators. However, protesters attacked the armed forces. The armed forces have orders to hold their ground," an army statement said.
The army said clashes had been contained. A Reuters witness said the situation on the ground had calmed.
(Reporting by Sherine El Madany and Marwa Awad; Writing by Edmund Blair; Editing by Janet Lawrence)

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