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Monday, April 2, 2012

Syria in the crosshairs of US / NATO - Invasion, oops! Democracy coming soon?

Blogman's Notes:

A mission to liberate Syria by Western armies seems to be drawing ever closer. In another case of déjà vu, it is being reported that Assad, like Saddam and Gaddafi before him, is not allowing the progression of democracy in his country. The fact that the rebel army that is being funded and armed by Western powers, will not allow peace to come to that nation is conveniently ignored by Western media and Western politicians.  It seems that Assad is just the latest 'Bad guy' in the region. Like Hollywood recycling the same script with different actors, there seems to be a déjà vu all over again scenario that keeps repeating in the Middle East / North Africa regions. Yet after each 'Liberation' (Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq again, and Libya) what is left behind are countries in ruins with thousands, if not millions dead, destroyed infrastructure and a population that goes from a life of relative comfort and ease (at least in Iraq and Libya) to third world subsistence level existence. Not a single one of those nations including Egypt have seen anything resembling 'Democracy' take root and the people become more free and prosperous than they were before the Invasion, oops! I meant 'Liberation'. So if 'Democracy' is the real goal, should not the Western powers have learnt by now that their strategy has the opposite effect? Instead of bringing Democracy, what is experienced by the population is more repression and destitution? People in Baghdad cannot even go the markets to buy food without being in danger of being blown up by bombs that explode there with such regularity that one might think they celebrate 4th of July every other week. Is this what 'Democracy' is supposed to look like. It seems that Damascus, which is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world is about to suffer the same fate as ancient Baghdad and Kabul, two other cities whose history goes back thousands of years. Even as this tragedy develops, most people in the West are happily asleep having drunk gallons of the Kool-aid of Sports and Entertainment given to them by the Powers that be. But as the price of a gallon of gas trends ever upwards, Westerners may find themselves in the same state of destitution that those their armies supposedly liberated find themselves in today. 

Incidentally if you read the Reuters report below it seems that the rebels are killing more soldiers than their own are dying (19 to 12). So would Peace not come if the West refused to arm and train the rebels? There are credible reports of US/UK/NATO Special Forces inside Syria, arming and training rebels, just as they did in Libya. Who then is really responsible for the violence in Syria, Assad or the West? And look how Reuters reports the number of those killed, "Nineteen soldiers and 12 rebels were killed in clashes, it said". The number of soldiers killed is reported as NINETEEN (in letters not numbers, not 19) but the rebels killed number is written as 12. The intent here is for people not to subconsciously note the discrepancy and come to the logical conclusion that more killing is being done by the rebels than by the soldiers. Had the report being written as 19 soldiers and 12 rebels were killed in clashes, it said, it would be very easy to compare numbers and draw a completely different conclusion than has been drawn by the journalist or intelligence asset who wrote this report.

(Reuters) - Syrian government forces bombarded opposition targets in the city of Homs on Monday despite President Bashar al-Assad's promise to international peace envoy Kofi Annan to cease fire and withdraw his tanks and artillery.

Annan, who met Assad in Damascus last week to discuss his peace plan, was due to brief the U.N. Security Council in New York later on Monday on whether he had seen any progress towards its implementation.

"Today doesn't feel much different than yesterday or the day before, or the day before that," opposition activist Waleed Fares said from inside Homs. "Shelling and killing."
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based activist operation which collates reports from around Syria, reported 70 people killed on Sunday, including 12 civilian victims of shelling and sniper fire in Homs.

Nineteen soldiers and 12 rebels were killed in clashes, it said.

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