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Saturday, April 14, 2012

QE (Quantitative Easing) to Infinity and Beyond

Blogman's Notes:

The Federal Reserve of the United States and The European Central Bank plus the Central banks of Japan, and the G-7 are all in a quandary. The only method available to them to delay (not prevent) the inevitable Global Economic Collapse is to print, print, and print some till worldwide high inflation and possible hyperinflation in many regions will end their madness. Madmen run the world, that is the lesson of history, and since for the very first time since the days of Nimrod over 4000 years ago has there arisen the possibility of forming a true Global government, the madness of the megalomaniacs that are running the world today is truly on a scale greater than that of the Caesars of Rome. While the slumbering masses may believe there is a wonderful Economic Recovery in progress, the truth is the exact opposite. What is coming is a collapse that will make the fall of Rome look like a day at Disneyland. One day without warning the very same dollars and euros and yens that the bankers keep printing like it was Monopoly money will prove to be exactly that, Monopoly money; worth a lot less than what it is today or even completely worthless.
On the heels of the Fed members commenting publicly, legendary trader and investor, Jim Sinclair, told King World News that even though we have already seen $17 trillion of money printing, we should expect another $17 trillion going forward.  KWN also asked Sinclair how he knew, from the beginning, that there would be ‘QE to infinity,’ before anyone else.  But first, here is what Sinclair had to say about the action in gold: “$1,650 is a comfortable number (for central planners).  Haven’t you seen the tremendous jawboning and market intervention to hold gold in that range at $1,650?  $1,764 and they lose control.  That begins the move which is exponential.”
Jim Sinclair continues:“It’s a formidable challenge (keeping gold below $1,800).  The true range of gold is $1,700 to $2,111, but these guys are going to try to fight it like nobody’s business.  Do you think for a moment they are not listening to you and I speaking right now?  Forget it, Eric, we are the morning ‘Squawk Box’ tomorrow.Now comes the payback.  The hope and desire that things would improve is ignorant because of the fact that the trillions which have come in have been to save the financial organizations, not Main Street....  

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