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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Leadership struggle in China has ramifications for the world - Economically and Militarily

Blogman's Notes:

Who will lead China over the next 10 years as it enters a turbulent period of Economic slowdown and massive social unrest due to income disparity. As in the rest of the world, the rich in China keep getting richer but the rest scrape for crumbs. With the threat of very high inflation always around the corner in China, it is only a matter of time before this tinderbox explodes in another revolution. The new leadership of China is in for a rough ride, that much is certain!

(Reuters) - A rising star is ejected from China's Politburo and faces trial for violations of Communist Party discipline. His wife is in custody, suspected of murdering a British national.

So much for an orderly transition of power.

Just weeks ago, the pending retirement of Chinese president and Communist Party Chief Hu Jintao to the younger generation headed by anointed leader to be Xi Jinping had appeared headed for a quiet repeat of 2002.

That year, Hu took the reins from Jiang Zemin in what was hailed as the first peaceful transition of power in the Chinese Communist Party's history. The party itself believed it had finally come up with a model for orderly and structured leadership handovers.

No longer. The 2002 transition increasingly looks to be the exception.

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