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Monday, April 9, 2012

Hundreds of dead dolphins wash ashore in Peru - are humans next?

Blogman's Notes:

It is just not natural for mass deaths of otherwise healthy humans. We just don't wake up and find hundreds or thousands of dead people in city centers or on the beach for no apparent reason. The same is true in the Animal world; hundreds and thousands of animals / birds / fish do not just die without reason when they are not otherwise diseased or starving for food. So what is causing these mass deaths? Will that which is happening in great numbers to animals also happen to humans next? Why is it that there are no reasons being given by the so-called 'authorities' for these mass deaths? When it suits their purposes, they can trace the source of a bird flu or similar virus down to the deep jungles of Africa but after millions of fish washing up dead on shores all over the world, no one has an answer? Give me  break! There's more to these reports than is being reported, there are some sort of toxins, they may even be electromagnetic or auditory in nature but they are out there killing animals by the millions. At right wavelengths, microwaves and Sonar waves can be just as deadly as the deadliest of poisons. Is it cell phone and related technologies that are the culprit? Is it deep sea drilling for oil that is releasing sulphur and other poisonous gases into the waters, killing untold numbers of marine life? We don't know the answer but how long before otherwise healthy humans begin to die off by the millions too?
The 3000 number in this video title may not be accurate but hundreds of dolphins have been reported washed up dead on Peruvian shores.

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