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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Economic News Update - Video Report April 7, 2012

Economic Collapse Update Apr. 7 - Fantastic Economic recovery - Let the Good times roll

Click the link below for text of this video report and links to News Reports and Video Clips: 

Economic Collapse Update - April 06, 2012 - Where is the Recovery?

Time after time after time since the beginning of the present Economic crisis, rather Economic catastrophe, we have been told that the crisis was over but later found out that it had actually gotten worse. If the crisis was truly over, the following actions would not need to be taken by the ‘Authorities’ and the following consequences would not be the result of such actions: actions taken by various Authorities such as the Fed, the ECB, other Central banks and Political leaders to supposedly resolve the unprecedented crisis that they and the MSM had previously told us could never happen. Remember President Bush II telling us that the fundamentals of our Economy are strong! Remember Bernanke telling us that ‘There was no housing bubble’, and that ‘The Sub-Prime crisis had been contained’. Remember Jim Cramer telling us that Bear Stearns was sound and healthy just a couple of days before it went under. So keep in mind that Bankers, Politicians and Media people tell lies with less effort than most people exercise when breathing. Lying is not Second Nature to them, it is their very nature, and they couldn’t tell the truth even if someone put a gun to their heads! So let’s list some of the actions that the most powerful and connected people on the face of the Earth have taken to bring back Peace, Prosperity and Good Times. And then let us list some of the consequences of their actions and see how successful they have been in accomplishing their stated goal of restoring growth of the Global Economy!

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