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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Disasters the world forgot - Haiti 2 years after the quakes

Blogman's Notes:

Whatever happened to the billions of dollars that were raised for Haiti in the largest relief effort in the history of the world? Apparently luxury resorts are being built in Haiti for rich American and French tourists. As the following video report filmed  2 years after the Earthquake that devastated Haiti in Jan. 2010 proves the lot of the poor Haitians has not improved as a result of the billions and tens of billions of dollars raised in their name. America troops, Canadian troops, international troops flooded Haiti after the quake to apparently rebuild the country yet the nations still lies in ruins even as they are building luxury resorts for rich tourists!
Two years after the earthquake that devastated Haiti, the country is struggling to get back on its feet. Haiti's Prime Minister promised 2012 would be a year of reconstruction and economic recovery, but progress has been frustratingly slow. Big challenges lie ahead for recently elected President Michel Martelly: around half a million Haitians still live in makeshift tents.

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