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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Wisdom of Modern Markets (or Lack Thereof)

Blogman's Notes:

Stock Markets around the world seem to be celebrating an Economic Recovery, especially in the US. However as Charles Biderman (who used to be on CNBC till his Truth telling could no longer be tolerated by the network) tells us in his Daily Report that there is more than one way to make Stock Markets go higher, and the way it is being done today is not based on sound investing methodologies but rather by massive intervention from Central Bank, most importantly the US Federal Reserve. So the paper wealth that is being created through higher stock prices, such as that of Apple, are they rising because the companies are so profitable that everyone is clamoring to buy their stocks or are they rising because the Fed is buying equities that individual investors will not buy or cannot buy. Same thing with Employment numbers, even a cursory analysis of the numbers reported by the Bureau of Labor (or LYING) Statistics proves that the amazing job growth in the US is anything but sign of an amazing recovery. Please draw conclusions as to the health of the Global Economy but make sure to base your understanding on more information than reported in the Mainstream media...

Biderman's Daily Edge 3/9/2012: Rigged Market Conventional 

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