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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

EU Carbon schemes opposed by India and China

Blogman's Notes:

The cost of travel will become prohibitive in the near future. One of man's fundamental rights is the right to Freedom of Travel. Totalitarian societies have always placed restrictions on travel, as for example in the former Soviet Union, to exercise control over their populations. In modern times when Air travel has become more common that train travel, one way of restricting access to travel is by making the cost of travel prohibitive. This agenda of the planet's ruling elite is now being implemented through Carbon Schemes, taxes imposed on all human activities, particularly that of using gasoline powered vehicles for travel, by road or by air. The EU wants to charge all airlines a fee, falsely calculated on the amount of emissions resulting from air travel. The airlines in turn will pass this fee on to customers, dramatically increasing the cost of travel, as it has been recently due to higher gas prices. The fact of the matter is that it is military energy usage that exceeds civilian usage by a large percentage in the United States, and is true for all big military nations such as the UK, France, Russia, China, India and others. Whether or not airplane emissions have a catastrophic effect or will have a catastrophic effect on the environment is highly debated. There is no hard evidence to prove that this is indeed the case. So based on phony studies and outright lies, the PTB have devised the Environmental movement to steal more money from the masses through hidden taxes called Carbon Credits. These taxes will lead to the genocide of the poorest of the poor in the world, when food production will become prohibitively expensive due to the producers having to pay Carbon taxes. That this is nothing more than a hidden tax grab and a scheme to impoverish and restrict the freedom of movement of peoples of the world is apparent from the fact that EU, the UN and other unelected Globalist organizations say nothing of the destruction of the environment caused by Militaries, especially the US military. Massacring of the environment by the Military has been documented and easily provable from Vietnam to Iraq, yet the EU and its ilk that are supposedly crying out for the health of our planet are curiously silent about it. If and when they suggest a shut down of all Militaries worldwide, then we will believe that they truly have the best interests of the planet and of human beings at heart. Till then we are glad to hear that their is some opposition on a governmental level to their money - grabbing schemes based on fake studies and outright fraud.

Exclusive: India to urge airlines to opt out of EU carbon scheme

(Reuters) - India will urge its airlines not to take part in the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), a senior official said, the latest salvo in an escalating row over an EU law requiring all flights in and out of Europe to pay for their emissions.
China in February said its airlines were barred from participating in the scheme unless they get government approval to do so. Beijing has also suspended the purchase of $14 billion worth of planes for Europe's Airbus due to the dispute.
India does not yet plan to ask airlines to cancel Airbus purchases, but that is a possibility if the dispute escalates, the Indian official said.
The official, with direct knowledge of talks between the EU and other countries on the issue, told Reuters that India would soon ask local airlines not to share emissions data with the bloc or buy any carbon credits.
If the European Commission retaliated by suspending Indian airlines from flying to Europe, India would make similar moves and consider charging an "unreasonable" amount for flying over India, the official said on Monday.

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  1. They need the carbon tax money to support the standing army of the antichrist.