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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Economic News Update - Video Report Mar. 3, 2012

The ISDA has ruled that Greece is not in default, the stock market is rising, Apple shares are at an all time high, car sales are booming, housing market is showing signs of recovery, spring is in the air, ah seems like all is well with the world! So this update will be a short one, all I need to determine is which Apple ipad to buy, I like the 64 gig one with 3G and Wifi so I can surf the web when I go surfing in Hawaii. Now that all Economic concerns are behind us, I feel the limit on my credit card will be raised so I can buy my Hawaiian vacation or I’ll just buy it now from Sears (before they close down the store near me), and pay for it later, much later I hope, or maybe I’ll just default and hopefully it will be ruled not to be a default, as in the case of Greece. Decisions, decisions, decisions, I didn’t know life could be so stressful now that good times and Happy Days are finally back. Or maybe I’ll just buy Apple shares, does anyone know a broker that offers a buy shares now, pay later plan?

Wow that was some dream but getting back to reality, the Economic world becomes more surreal by the day, like the Salavdor Dali painting with the twisted watches. So most people are happily oblivious of the fact that the time they are living in are anything but Happy times and what the future holds is dire not blissful though blissfully ignorant they may be of the times. Like the |dali painting, the majority of people have a twisted sense of reality, they are kept blissfully ignorant through TV Sports and Entertainment, even their so – called NEWS is entertainment. But like in a Hollywood horror movie, the day will come when the mask of bliss will be stripped away and the horror of reality will be revealed. Most people in America have not even glimpsed this reality yet but it is closer than most would believe. I hope these updates will lead people to real information and truth not to Infotainment that is designed to keep them ignorant. I will focus today on the Greece non – default story and why it is significant!

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