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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MEDIA DISINFO: events on the ground in Syria completely contrary to media depictions

Blogman's Notes: Honest journalism is missing in the modern world. So it is not surprising that the following report paints a completely different picture of what is happening inside Syria than what we have been reading and watching on MSM in the West. Is the true picture of Syria? I cannot say for sure because I am not there; however Syrians are neighbors to Iraq and Libya, two nations that have experienced all the benefits that Western Democracy brings. Therefore it is more than likely that the average Syrian dreads the thought of Western intervention in their country. Is a 'liberation' force still going to be sent to Syria? I believe the probability is very high that Syria will be 'liberated' at some point in time just as Iraq and Libya have been democratized but that outcome I'm sure is not desired by majority of Syrians who are showing great support for the current regime even as the majority of Libyan showed support of Col. Gaddafi!

From MEDIA DISINFO: British journalist: Image of events on the ground in Syria is completely contrary to media depictions

The British journalist Lizzie Phelan said the image of events on ground in Syria is completely contrary to what some media try to depict and present to the public opinion.

Phelan, who is now on a visit to Syria, said that she was surprised upon her arrival in Damascus as a journalist 6 days ago to see the situation as it is, as she had thought, based on the image presented by media, that Syria is not safe where chaos is prevailing, the army deployed in the streets and the anti-government protests are being held daily and everywhere.

She stressed in an interview with the Syrian TV that what she has seen during her visit is that life is normal and that people go to their businesses and schools in spite of some problems.

She asserted that the city of Damascus is very safe as she has been moving in it alone in the late hours of the night and has not been faced with any problem or seen any big anti-government protests.

Phelan pointed out that she saw the huge pro-government rally in the Umayyad Square and was surprised with the reality of the situation in Syria, which she said is completely different from what is being conveyed to the West, the US and other countries.

The British journalist considered that President Bashar al-Assad's coming out to the Umayyad Square and his direct talk to the people was "very interesting" for her since the media such as the BBC and al-Jazeera TV channels claim that the Syrian people are not with President al-Assad, noting that the tens of thousands of people who gathered in the Square were very glad to see him and expressed their love and support for him.

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