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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Making the world safe for democracy: Exhibit A: LIBYA

Blogman's Notes: We were told that Colonel Gaddafi was a ruthless monster, that the Libyan people hated him, that they were an oppressed people that longed for democracy. Democracy, at least US-NATO styled democracy has arrived in Libya. Do you think the Libyan people are as ecstatic as the Western Powers are with their perceived success in bring them 'Democracy'. Let's not forget that the Democracy has come through great sacrifices on the part of NATO. They achieved this laudable goal by flying over 10,000 sorties and bombing Libya back to the stone age in order to bring the Democracy so valued by the Libyan people! After delivering such wonderful results in Libya, is it any wonder that US-NATO have turned their attention to not too distant Syria, to bring them Democracy too? However, in reality, the results may not have been as wonderful as portrayed on CNN; the Mission may not have been accomplished as announced by Western leaders. As the following Reuters report proves, Libya has become a hell-hole, not a peaceful democratic country. So are the real reasons to liberate Iraq, Libya, and soon Syria, to bring Democracy and free the people of these nations or is there another agenda at work? Could the real reason be to keep the War-Machine humming? After all if there are no wars, how can the war machine be kept operational? Julius Caesar has been quoted as having said, 'Beware the leaders that bang the drums of war'! In all my year on this Earth, the leaders that have sounded the bells of Peace have been few and far between but the leaders that bang the Drums of War come around all too frequently. I cry for the people of nations such as Syria, Iran, Pakistan and others that are slated for Liberation by the Western War Machine.

REUTERS: Deputy head of Libya's NTC quits after protests

BENGHAZI, Libya | Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:19am EST

(Reuters) - The deputy head of Libya's ruling National Transitional Council (NTC) said on Sunday he was resigning after a series of protests against the new government which the country's leader warned could drag Libya into a "bottomless pit."

Late on Saturday, a crowd demanding the government's resignation smashed windows and forced their way into the NTC's local headquarters in Benghazi, in the most serious show of anger at the new authorities since Muammar Gaddafi was ousted.  Read More

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