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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Economic Collapse Headlines for Tuesday, January 10

Blogman's Notes: Thanks to for doing such a great job compiling the best (or worst, depending on your perspective) Economic News stories everyday. These stories paint a much different picture than the Stock Market numbers or the talking heads on the Media or Political leaders would have us believe! Therefore I am more convinced than ever that there will be a rapid and sudden Economic Collapse that will be an event whose consequences will not be dire but will rather be catastrophic for the whole world! It is impossible to foresee all the consequences of such an event but they will be unimaginably horrifying. It will literally mean the end of the world as we know it and it is coming. The Powers that be have been both orchestrating this type of event and at the same time, they have been making much preparations for controlling and culling the masses when all hell literally breaks loose on Earth. It is no wonder that rumors of major wars are becoming more credible by the day even as nations and banks are falling off the Economic cliff into a Depressionary abyss that will make the 1930's Depression look the Roaring 20's. It's coming and it will be sudden - there is no other way out of this quagmire!
The Economy
1/10    Moody's downgrades Illinois credit rating to worst in nation – Progress Illinois
1/10    Debt crisis – Spiegel
1/10    The myth of Japan's failure – New York Times
1/10    Hungary folds, ready to change its laws to get bailout money – Zero Hedge
1/10    Jon Corzine's riskiest business – Vanity Fair
1/09    Germany auctions bills with negative yield amid debt crisis – BusinessWeek
1/09    Consumer credit jumps by most in 10 years on surge in car loans – Zero Hedge
1/09    Bank warns on risks of currency breakup – Wall Street Journal
1/09    Strap in for a wild week! – Phil's Favorites
1/09    Holders of Greek debt to face requests for new concessions – Wall Street Journal
1/09    Bank of America on US decoupling – Zero Hedge
1/09    Borrowers turn lenders as banks tap firms for cash – Yahoo! News
1/09    Fundamental and mathematical case for structurally high unemployment – Mish
1/09    Rocks and hard places – Phil's Favorites
1/09    The fall of Ireland's mighty Quinn – New York Times
1/09    Unemployment drop masks ongoing decline – USA Watchdog
1/09    Reuters columnist rationalizes 'financial repression' – GATA
1/09    Global regulators signal leeway on new bank liquidity rules – Yahoo! News
1/09    ECB resumes burying bonds with gusto – Zero Hedge
1/08    Germany's CSU: Europe works even if some drop currency – Reuters
1/08    New eurozone fears as banks stash cash at record levels – This is Money
1/08    Things that make you go hmmm – Zero Hedge
1/08    2012 will mark the end of the euro – Zero Hedge
1/08    Could oil prices intensify a pending S&P500 sell-off? – Options Trading Signals
1/07    ECB steps in as Italian yields hit 7% – Wall Street Journal
1/07    German factory orders drop most in nearly 3 years – Mish

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