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Monday, December 26, 2011

Hard times ahead for Canada warns PM Stephen Harper

From The Toronto Star: 
Stephen Harper warns of tough times ahead in 2012

OTTAWA—Canadians could be in for some tough economic times in 2012, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is warning in a year-end interview with CTV.
“We have some major challenges in front of us,” Harper says to anchor Lisa LaFlamme in the interview, to be broadcast Monday at 7 p.m.
The Prime Minister makes repeated mention of hard economic decisions looming on the budget horizon and the lingering concern over how global insecurity is going to affect Canada.
“There’s going to be a whole range of areas where this government’s going to be taking issues over the next year to secure the sustainability of our key programs,” Harper says, “not just in terms of reducing the deficit but for our generation to come, and at the same time making some major reforms in various areas, so that we can continue to grow this economy and attract the capital that will create jobs for people.”

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