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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Austerity means Poverty - How the 1st world is becoming the 3rd world

 Italian Welfare Minister Breaks Out in Tears as Super Mario Prepares Austerity

Kurt Nimmo
December 5, 2011

Italian Welfare Minister Elsa Fornero was unable to tell the Italian people that they will soon descend into the bankster abyss of misery and privation. She busted out in tears. Super Mario – the globalist and former Goldman Sachs stooge Mario Monti – did not share Fornero’s hesitation: he said pensions will now come under attack so the debt “owed” to the bankers can be extracted.
See Fornero’s performance. She was unable to say the word: sacrifici, sacrifices.
Italians will suffer because they allowed government to run wild – as government always does when it is not on a short leash.
In La Casta (The Castle), Italian authors Sergio Rizzo and Gianantonio Stella document the pervasive government corruption in that country.
For instance, the book reveals that the president’s headquarters costs four times as much as Buckingham Palace and the Italian Parliament building is the costliest in Europe, roughly 10 times more than that of Spain.
Italian members of parliament are paid three times as much as their counterparts in France and perks include chauffeured bullet-proof cars, bodyguards, discounted air travel, and even individual tennis coaching. Members of Parliament enjoy a number of extra-legal privileges not available to commoners.
Italians are legendary for their ability to avoid taxes. Much of the economy runs below the radar screen in a pervasive black market. Super Mario and the EU boys are determined to put a stop to this.
The banksters were more than happy to help corrupt Italian politicians borrow billions in order to continue their big government habits. Instruments developed by Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and many other banks enabled politicians to mask additional borrowing and crank up the debt to astronomical levels average Italians will now be forced to pay off.
Incidentally, Super Mario the Bilderberger and Goldman flunky said he would give up his salary. I’m sure that will make Italian pensioners feel better.

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  1. Elsa Fornero has broken out in tears because she realises that the Globalists have taken over her country. All the Globalists care about are their own interests. The Italians have made a big mistake appointing a Super Globalists like Mario Monti when there could have been other alternative leaders appointed. I really don't see how the Italians are going to recover without defaulting or privatising all their national resources to the likes of Goldman Sachs and the banking elite.