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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Signs of the End Video Update: Economic Collapse accelerating

  • Greece 50% bankrupt but needs and will go 100% bust sooner rather than later
  • Italy is the bull in the Economic China shop and will soon follow Greece into some type of default
  • Portugal, Ireland, Spain bond spreads are rising and they too look to the Greek solution (default on their debts -- If Greece is allowed to default, why should they not do the same, why indeed?)
  • MF Global bankruptcy triggers another Lehman Brothers type crisis, except when combined with the Eurozone Sovereign debt crisis, this is more like Lehman Brothers squared or even LB cubed
  • G-20 meeting in Cannes like Hollywood celebrities to formalize a Global tax, a 1% tax on all financial transactions, billed as a tax on big banks, in reality it will enrich the same banks and further impoverish the 99%, who are foolishly rooting for this tax, dubbed the Robin Hood tax
  • Austerity noose is tightening around the Globe even as inflation rises dramatically, especially in the price of energy; people in India are protesting everything from the price of gas to the price of onions. The Super Committee of 13 in the US will soon impose even more austerity on Americans as has been shoved down the throats of the Irish and the Greeks
  • All the while the mainstream media talking heads keep singing the 'Don't worry, be Happy tune'! Rome, or rather Athens is burning (Rome will follow Athens as Italians wake up the new reality of harsh Austerity) but the media wants us all to keep fiddling, everything will be fine next quarter they say, however, they neglect to clarify that the quarter they are referring to may come in 2025, if ever! Politicians too pretend that they can fix everything whereas they are the ones that broke everything!

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