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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street: Planned Anarchy and Revolutions

Organic Uprisings are rare indeed and may actually be all myth and no fact. Even in the Bible, whenever people rose up to resist tyranny, as in the case of Israel in Egypt, the movement began with a strong leader that people followed to overthrow their oppressors. Without strong leadership, people will tolerate just about anything; history has proven for millennia that a small minority of lords can rule ruthlessly over a vast majority of serfs for centuries and even thousands of years, as has been the case in India, China and most of the world. This is true even today in places like India where almost a billion people that are the destitute poor minority in that nation accept their fate without a word of resistance. They are robbed, pillaged, rape and plundered by the elite of India and they accept it as their lot in life. So mass movements without leadership are impossible, even if an organic movement begins, it will peter out in no time whatsoever. The Arab Spring revolution in Egypt is a perfect example; a leaderless coup that was apparently successful in dethroning a strongman dictator of 30 plus years; we perceived it was fiction back in Feb. and in time it has proven to be so. The revolution did take place but not for the benefit of the people of Egypt; it benefited Western powers who have an agenda of their own for that region of the world. This agenda involves the utter and total destruction of much of the Middle East, and Northern Africa. So we weep for the people of Egypt and Libya, and other nations in the crosshairs of the powers that be, namely the US and NATO countries. The reasons for the madness of the leaders of these rich and powerful countries and their desire to want to destroy nations and peoples is beyond the scope of this article but suffice it is to say that this will be the end result in a year or two or five.
So too with the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement; it is a well-funded and well organized movement that will not benefit the people of America or the world. It is being used to promote Communism and Sectarianism, to incite Class warfare and also Racial violence. The perpetrators of the Economic Crisis, the International Banking houses, including Central banks, will be shielded and allowed to continue with their nefarious activities that are impoverishing all nations. In time a charismatic leader may arise to lead this movement who will promise Utopia to the workers but will in fact deliver a totalitarian society that will make the world of Orwell’s 1984 look like Andy Griffith’s Mayberry. Lenin too billed himself as a friend of the workers but a more elite group of people than the inner circle of the Soviet Communist party has probably not existed in recent times.
Sadly the majority of people are unthinking lemmings that will follow the herd to their own destruction. In this world it is never hard to find a leader that will all too happily lead the herd off the cliff, sometimes destroying even himself in the process. Until the system of usurious private banking is not completely eliminated, there will be no emancipation for the people. That outcome is as unlikely as a snowstorm in the Sahara desert in July, so do not be misled by movements such as Occupy Wall Street. This movement will lead to Class warfare but not against the true ruling class; the ‘have-nots’ will rise up and rob and plunder those that are perceived to be the ‘haves’. You may be the one seen to be one of the ‘haves’, if for example you drive a nice car or live in a upper Middle Class neighborhood. But the real elite will be nowhere in sight when the rioting and looting begins. Remember in the recent London riots, the police stood quietly by as looters and anarchists went about their business robbing store, destroying property, burning cars and even killing people. This I believe will be the end result in America and other nations if these ‘Occupy’ movements continue to grow and gain momentum. A state of anarchy will prevail, and be allowed to prevail for a season by the ‘authorities’; this is the ‘Problem’ that will have been entirely manufactured so that a predetermined ‘Reaction’ may be elicited from the masses. The ‘Reaction’ will be a desire to see law and order restored as happened in London. Then will be provided the long ago planned ‘Solution’, Totalitarian rule that will be seen to be required to restore law and order.
·         PROBLEM: Anarchy, people rioting, looting, killing, destroying property…
·         REACTION: Please restore law and order whatever it takes!
·         SOLUTION: A Police State in which the rights of all citizens are taken away; sadly it is not just rights that will be taken away but many citizens will also disappear into gulags that have also been conveniently prepared for just such a scenario.
There never has been an organic revolution in history, not even the French Revolution; even Spartacus was used by the elites for their own purposes. Revolutions are generally fomented by one group of elites against another group of elites, with both groups claiming to be champions of the people for whom they really give not a hoot. The following article is a well-reasoned one, something that is sorely lacking in mainstream reporting. Mass uprisings are required to throw off the yoke of the elite parasites of this world but at the same time the elites are masters at instigating and controlling mass uprisings for their own benefit.  The Status quo is destroying the masses but sadly the Status quo may be the lesser of the two evils confronting the masses!

State Department Agitator Advising ‘Occupy’ Movement

Ahmed Maher helped lead Egypt’s “Arab Spring” that resulted in military dictatorship
Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, October 19, 2011
A US government-backed pioneer of the so-called “Arab Spring” in Egypt that eventually resulted in a military dictatorship is now “advising” the Occupy Wall Street protesters in both Washington DC and New York, in another sign that the movement has been subverted by the establishment.

US State Department-funded activist Ahmed Maher “is now giving advice to a new group of protesters: the Occupy Wall Street movement,” reports Wired News.
Maher has been “corresponding for weeks” with OWS activists, offering them “practical advice from a successful Egyptian revolutionary,” according to the report.
If Wired defines replacing a 30 year tyrant with a military dictatorship under which Egyptians enjoy even less freedoms as a “successful” revolution then Maher’s involvement in the ‘Occupy’ movement should be viewed with the utmost suspicion.
As Egyptian activist Kareem Amer writes, “Egypt’s Arab Spring has led not to democracy—but to another cruel dictatorship,” under which “The military is killing minorities and imprisoning dissidents.”
Of course, you won’t have heard that little fact very often on mainstream television networks because the “Arab Spring” was advertised as an organic mass uprising. The reality that it was largely a geopolitical maneuver controlled by the United States, Britain and Israel aimed at overthrowing both rogue states and tyrants who had outlived their usefulness to the globalists doesn’t fit with the fairytale.
  • A D V E R T I S E M E N T
Case in point – Ahmed Maher – one of the leading revolutionaries in Egypt and now using his expertise to “advise” the OWS demonstrators, is a pawn for the US State Department.
“This of course isn’t Maher’s first trip to the United States,” writes Tony Cartalucci. “Years before the Egyptian revolution, the United States was quietly preparing a global army of youth cannon fodder to fuel region wide conflagrations throughout the world, both politically and literally. Maher’s April 6 organization had been in New York City for the US State Department’s first “Alliance for Youth Movements Summit” in 2008. His group then traveled to Serbia to train under the US-funded “CANVAS” organization before returning to Egypt in 2010 with US International Crisis Group (ICG) operative Mohamed ElBaradei to spend the next year building up for the “Arab Spring.”
As part of his role in leading the revolt against Mubarak, Maher fraternized with the likes of Zbigniew Brzezinski and George Soros through their involvement in the ICG.
Maher is the perfect candidate to firm up the ‘Occupy’ movement’s uncertain demands. He soon fell out of favor with many of his fellow activists in Egypt after they described him as acting like a “dictator” and preventing anyone else from exercising influence within the ‘April 6′ organization.
Given the fact that Maher is a US State Department-funded agitator who has been used to subvert and control protest movements in the middle east, his involvement in the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations should set alarm bells ringing.
This represents another clear signal that the establishment is intent on ensuring that the OWS movement is subverted, and that the protesters are led astray and influenced into advocating false solutions while focusing their rage against the wrong targets.
Let’s just hope that we don’t see a repeat of the outcome of the “revolution” in Egypt – tanks on the streets and a military dictatorship worse than anything which preceded it.
Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.

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