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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Air Canada goes Al Gore - begins incorporating Carbon Offset fees!

While booking an airline ticket today, I was informed by Air Canada that my carbon footprint is 0.89 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions for a short 2 hour flight. That is per passenger! For 200 passengers that equates to 178 tonnes per 2 hour flight! But oh to save the planet I could offset this crime by donating 2084 of my frequent flyer miles and all would be well. How long before this suggestion becomes a command and we all have to pay large amounts of Carbon taxes just to fly???? As if the TSA wasn't bad enough! At least they didn't steal your money, Oh I forgot they did but not this blatantly!

Just read the terminology directly from the Air Canada website and shudder:

0.89 tonnes/passenger Greenhouse gas emission (in tonnes of CO2e) resulting from your booking: Offsets provide a way to compensate for the environmental impact of your activities, including travel.

Aeroplan Miles needed to offset for the environmental impact of your flight rewards: 2084 miles’

We are all environmental criminals now and must act to OFFSET THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT of our activities. I am not making any of this up; see the screen shot below…

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