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Friday, October 7, 2011

Add Carbon taxes to flying costs - the days of cheap travel are behind us

Just the other day I posted an article titled, 'Air Canada goes Al Gore' which addressed the coming carbon tax that will be added to airline tickets. right now it is being offered as a voluntary donation but let's not forget that even Income Taxes used to be voluntary, try and withdraw yourself from paying income tax and see where it will get you. Same thing with air travel, CARBON OFFSET fees based on entirely fraudulent science are going to double and triple the cost of Air Travel. Restrictions on travel are a major component of Totalitarian Control as in the former Soviet Unon, and in addition to collecting even more money from us than they already do, such deceptive taxes will restrict the ability of people to travel, especially over long distances. Be ready - it is already here in Europe and Canada, the US will soon follow!

Blow to US airlines in emissions fight

american airlines
Foreign airlines can be required to pay for their carbon pollution in the European Union, an adviser to the bloc’s top court has found, dealing a setback to a legal challenge from US carriers.
The opinion, issued on Thursday by an adviser to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, marks a potentially decisive turning point in the EU’s effort to include the aviation industry in its carbon emissions trading system from January.



Two US airlines – United Continental and American Airlines – challenged the legality of an EU plan to make carriers pay for emissions generated by flights that take-off or land in the 27-member bloc. The airlines, supported by the US Air Transport Association, an industry body, objected to the inclusion of non-EU airlines in the EU emissions trading scheme.
In a highly anticipated interim opinion, Juliane Kokott, the ECJ’s advocate-general, cast aside most of the US airlines’ arguments. “EU legislation does not infringe the sovereignty of other states or the freedom of the high seas guaranteed under international law, and is compatible with the relevant international agreements,” Ms Kokott concluded.

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