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Friday, September 9, 2011


Hollywood is frequently used by the ‘powers that be’ for predictive programming show and movies, and for conditioning the masses to accept their morality or to reveal their agenda in a fictionalized manner. In the Pandemic / Deadly Contagious diseases that kill millions category there have been a number of movies such as:

  • ·         OUTBREAK starring Dustin Hoffman
  • ·         THE CRAZIES
  • ·         BIRD FLU IN AMERICA
  • ·         PANDEMIC

And many more…Now comes a major Hollywood movie with an ensemble cast of big name actors that has its theme a coming highly contagious pandemic that will kill millions. I have done a video review of this movie based strictly on the 2½ minute trailer since I have not yet seen the movie. It is amazing how much information can be compressed in a mere 150 seconds. The following notes are my observations based on the scenes in the trailer for ‘CONTAGION’. The made for TV movie ‘Pandemic’ is quite good and the movie ‘The Crazies’ is excellent although it is somewhat gory in parts. Both ‘The Crazies’ and ‘Resident Evil: Apocalypse’ are Sci-Fi horror movies but their premise is very realistic, very much so in the case of ‘The Crazies’.

·         The trailer begins with one of the characters gambling in a casino. The casino sequence iimplies people gambling with their lives (or not); I just thought it was interesting.
  • ·         ONE TOUCH TRANSMISSION signifies that the disease is highly contagious, as does the name of the movie, CONATGION.
  • ·         EVERYTHING IS INFECTED: DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING! The virus is apparently airborne but the TOUCHING part is highly emphasized in the movie promoting fear and paranoia (don’t touch each other, don’t touch door knobs, water fountains etc.) In other words it promotes isolation which is further empasized by the Neon ‘QUARANTINE’ sign shown later in the trailer. If the disease was spread though the air, then anyone within a given geographic area would be infected anyway, so why the emphasis on touching is a bit mysterious?
  • ·         DEADLY VIRUS, NO CURE AND NO VACCINE:  the Laurence Fishburne character states matter of factly: ‘WE HAVE A VIRUS’ which has ‘NO TREATMENT PROTOCOL’ and for which ther e is no ‘VACCINE’. It heightens the sense of paranoia; if you have the disease you’re dead!
  • ·         THE VACCINE MYTH: The movie also conditions viewers to accept  the MYTH that Vaccines are the magic cure for all diseases. This conditioning was reinforced in real life during the alleged SARS, Avian Flu and Swine Flu outbreaks . This was particularly true of the Swine Flu for which people lined up for blocks to get a vaccine that could not possibly protect them against a virus that had not yet even been identified let alone been isolated. Normally it takes upwards of two years to create a vaccine. The cure (the jab with the needle) may prove to be more deadly than the disease (or is that the plan?)
  • ·         ONE INSTANT INFECTION: there is no incubation period; the infection is instantaneous, implying rapid fatality, which may require an ‘Outbreak’ or ‘The Crazies’ type repsonse. In case you don’t know what such a response entails, let me fill you in;  very large bombs are dropped on urban areas obliterating entire cities and regions, and killing thousands to millions of people, depending on the location, and hopefully eradicating the disease with it.
  • ·         DISEASE PROGRESSES VERY RAPIDLY: The Gwnyeth Paltrow character dies very quickly, within a matter of a couple of days after being infected. So again the conditioning factor here is that when such a deadly contagion is announced, the bodies will pile up rather quickly as was shown later in the trailer with empty city streets, empty airports and mass graves.
  • ·         SUPER EFFICIENT HEALTH AUTHORITIES: ‘AS OF LAST NIGHT THERE WERE 32 CASES’: It is amazing how efficient the WHO and CDC are shown  to be in the movie; on a worldwide basis they can calculate the exact number of cases on a near hourly basis! I suppose we are in safe hands if they are that efficient!
  • ·         ONE CONTACT: That’s all that’e needed: just ONE CONTACT for the disease to become a worldwide CONTAGION…
  • ·         RAPID MILITARY DEPLOYMENT: As in the movies, ‘The Crazies’ and ‘Outbreak’, it doesn’t take long for the military to be deployed to what looks like a major city, I believe Chicago, and probably all over the US. This begs the  question, are major cities not death traps when such an outbreak, real or engineered, breaks out in the real world? Martial law is a given in any such outbreak, natural or manmade.
  • ·         DISEASE ENGINEERED BY WEAPONIZING ‘BIRD FLU’: The Laurence Fishburne character suggests that birds are weaponizing the bird flu virus but we later find out that the real culrprits are human beings, doing it in a Lab., somewhere within the US. Ah but there is no biological weapons research going on in the US, this is all fiction! Weaponizing virsues makes them much more contagious and airborne, a very efficient killing machine. And yes many developed countries, particularly the US and Russia have massive stockpiles of biological weapons.
  • ·         CAN WE SAY ‘SURVEILLANCE SOCIETY’?: Unlike ‘Outbreak’ which came out in the 80s’, in which the doctors had to do actual field work to see how the disease was spread, in the 21st century, all one needs is a computer. Actual video footage is avaialble from around the world, as shown in the casino videos, making the job of those fighting such pestilences that much easier. Our wise leaders have once again proven they know what’s best, which is why they have had cameras installed everywhere to record everything! Who needs privacy anyway? Such an outdated concept!
  • ·         WHAT DETECTIVES, SHERLOCK HOLMES WOULD BE JEALOUS! Right from  day 1 they knew that there were exactly 2 people, and then 4 and then 16 (indicates exponential growth); and in 3 months there would be a Billion! Can we say DEPOPULATION? How convenient that it would fit right in with UN’s Agenda 21, and other Elite ‘there are too many people on the planet, we need to get rid of a few billion ASAP’ agendas. A billion in 3 months is pretty quick I’d say!
  • ·         HAVE NO FEAR, FEMA IS HERE! What imagery! A sports arena  converted into giant isolation / quarantine wards (or morgues) with FEMA signs on the rafters instead of The Lakers banners! And all well protected by military personnel in Hazmat suits and guns. I would highly recommend the movie, ‘THE CRAZIES’ (the new version) for anyone who has any illusions what the role of the military would be in the event of a real conatgion.
  • ·         INFECTED AREAS ON WORLD MAP: 1. All of North America. 2. Western Europe. 3. About 60% of Africa 4. Most of Asia except for a large part of China. 5. Coastal areas of Australia (which are pretty much the only inhabited areas of Australia. 6. About 60% of South America except the Central South region and South Western regions.   I found it interesting that most of Russia and a large part of China were shown in Green not Red. Could there by any significance? Brings to mind all those mega cities built in China’s interior with no one living in them; are they meant to house the survivors?
  • ·         CALLING OUT THE NATIONAL GUARD: Since most of the NG is fighting Al-Qaeda in Iraq / Af-Pakistan / Libya etc., the more likely scenario is that either Special Forces or UN troops will be deployed inside America to combat this entirely ‘unforeseen’ development.
  • ·         MOVING THE PRESIDENT UNDERGROUND: Continuity of Government or rats fleeing the ship before it sinks? In a real outbreak, most of the government will be relocated to safe locations, underground and otherwise, leaving the people to be shot, bombed or eliminated by other means; how possibly can a billion or more infected people be  cured unless it’s a cure by a bullet to the head!
  • ·         “PEOPLE WILL PANIC”: No kidding! No government, no medicine, no food,  what else can they do but panic? Anarchy will reign, at least until a large number of people die off. It will each man for himself as the Matt Damon character is portrayed turning into Mad Max, loaded shotgun and all!
  • ·         “THE TRUTH IS BEING KEPT FROM THE WORLD”: And the truth is that the virus was weaponized in a lab by someone. Having not yet seen the movie, I would guess that the moviemakers will show the weaponization to have occurred in a private lab, not a military one, and the release to have been accidental. However when such a plague vsits the  world for real, it will be a very deliberate release by ‘official’ sources not private ones.
  • ·         “COOK YOUR SAMPLES, DESTROY EVERYTHING”: In the end no one will find out that this was not a random event. How many times have humans been unwittingly used as guinea pigs already in nuclear / biological research  by governments from the Japanese to the Russians to the Germans to the English to the Americans and more? So why would the megalomaniacs that run the world not release something that could kill billions if it suits their twisted agendas? Wouldn’t they kill themselves in the process is a question that naturally arises? Not if they already have the antidote for it! They may be insane but they are not stupid!
  • ·         TRANSPORTATION COMES TO A SCREECHING HALT: Airport and streets are shown to be devoid of people. Curiously the only gate visible in the shot is M-13, I wonder if the use of the number 13 was intentional? However the airport shot in the movie is that of a shiny brand new looking airport, clean as a whistle which would not be the case in a real outbreak. It looks sterile, almost like a hospital. The streets are shown littered with garbage, which again is a bit curious; if everyone is dead or dying, where did all the garbage, neatly tied in bags come from? In any forget about making an escape from any such city if a real pandemic does make landfall in the future.
  • ·         AMERICA NEEDS THE TRUTH ABOUT THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC: This sign was platered on posters covering a building wall. So obviously the people were kept in the dark about the extent and nature of the problem. And I expect that is exactly what will happen. As in the movie ‘2012’ in which we were tolda that the governments would not warn the people so too in a pandemic situation, the information will be carefully adjusted to give the official line not the truth.
  • ·         RED CROSS MILITARY TRUCKS: Covered military type trucks with Red crosses on them are shown entering a heavily guarded prison like facility, what are they transporting?
  • ·         GROCERY STORES SHELVES STILL HAVE FOOD ON THEM: I suppose the rapid spread of the contagion must have killed off most of the people, or else the grocery stores would have been the first places to be looted. In a real situtaion, grocery stores will be emptied out in a matter of hours, you can bet on that!
  • ·         CITYWIDE OR POSSIBLY STATEWIDE LOCKDOWN IS IN PLACE: Bridge is closed keeping people inside the city or State rather than allow them to leave. There is a large bright yellow ‘QUARANTINE / NO ACCESS’ sign by the bridge which prevents people, both from entering or from leaving. Reminds me of one of the ‘Resident Evil’ movies in which a whole city was quarantined and nuked because of a similar contagion spread. There is a long line of cars of people trying to leave but the military stops them. In a real life scenario do not expect to make an escape from a major city unless perhaps you leave as soon as a pandemic is announced. It might be wise to have a place you can escape to at short notice for a major city is not a place you want to be in such an outbreak that is sure to come.
  • ·         NO ONE IS IMMUNE TO FEAR: This is the message of the movie: Fear, Paranoia and Paralysis. Helpless people trapped in an urban environment not only under assault from a deadly disease but from their own government as well. I imagine a real world outbreak of this magnitude would be truly fearsome. I am thankful that I believe in the Lord Jesus who has not given us the spirit of fear and whom no contagion or pestilence can touch. He is able to shield us, literally create a force field around us that no virus or bug can penetrate. In the Bible Jesus repeatedly exhorts all who believe in Him to ‘FEAR NOT’ but to trust in Him with their whole heart, and in turn He will keep (meaning to guard and protect) those who out their faith in Him. Psalm 91 is a great comfort to all believers in good times but more importantly in times of pestilence and contagion.
  • ·         RED CROSS TRUCKS FILLED WITH BODIES BEING BURIED IN MASS GRAVES: Although the movie shows respect for the dead showing them buried neatly in rows, in reality the option exercised in the movie ‘The Crazies’ is much more likely. In that movies, the infected were machine gunned, heaped in a pile and burnt to a crisp. So the covered Red Cross military trucks were transporting bodies not sick people.
  • ·         VIRUS ISOLATED, VACCINE MADE, ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL: I think that is how this big Hollywood production will end but in the real world such a killer pandemic will devastate populations and destroy the social order. Civilization as we know it will be transformed forever, and not for the better. All those apocalyptic Hollywood movies will move from the realm of fiction into fact in some form or the other in the near future. And no one can presently predict accurately how bad things will get in relaity but its is certain that no Hollywood movie can come to replicating reality as it will play out when the real Contagion comes.

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