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Monday, September 26, 2011

Goldman Sachs rules the world, savings to vanish, Occupy Wall Street....

This video clip of a trader spelling out financial doomsday confirms my assessment that the savings and pensions of millions of people will vanish into thin air in the coming months. This trader predicts doomsday within 12 months; in reality it could be much sooner.

He also suggests that Goldman Sachs rules the world, not governments. This is refreshing candor from an insider and he probably will not be trading for long after making such claims on international TV. However it is refreshing to hear some truth for a change on a major network rather than happy 'happy - joy joy, don't worry the government will save the day' garbage that is constantly spouted out on CNN and other media outlets. He says to prepare, I say to prepare, the Bible tells us to prepare...

We are very close to a complete meltdown of the System and the longer it takes to arrive, the more catastrophic will be the consequences.

"Smart money knows the stock market is finished. Get prepared!"- BBC News


In related News the Occupy Wall Street Movement is spreading and is being met with an Iron Fist by New York Police. However it seems that this movement or a similar movement will gain momentum across the US and Europe as the average people discover that they have been left holding the bill for the excesses of bankers and politicians. This will lead to riots and possibly revolution, maybe even a civil war in the US... The police will lose control of such a movement sooner or later and then we may see Martial Law declared to allegedly keep the population safe. 

'Occupy Wall Street' Protests Turn Violent' - ABC News 



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