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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Evacuation of Tokyo was discussed after Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe

Evacuation of Tokyo considered after Fukushima disaster. The question is what has changed that this option is no longer being discussed? All that has happened since March is that a steady rain of radioactive toxic particles has rained upon Tokyo and large areas of Japan as well as Korea, China and Russia. How long can the Japanese government pretend that the problem no longer exists when it fact it has grown exponentially since March 11, 2011? In the video at the bottom, Prof. Busby contends that the Fukushima disaster is far bigger than Chernobyl and offer help ideas to protect children, a task that the whole world should be undertaking not just the Japanese government.

Kenichi Matsumoto is the ultimate insider.

As special advisor to Japan's prime minister and cabinet he witnessed both the government's and the plant operator's responses to the worst nuclear accident in a quarter of a century.

And when it comes to the meltdowns, Professor Matsumoto paints a picture of cover-ups, incompetence and communication breakdown.

He confirms that the operator of Fukushima - TEPCO - wanted to abandon the stricken plant and that the prime minister at the time - Naoto Kan - contemplated evacuating tens of millions of people from in and around Tokyo.

Professor Matsumoto also accuses the Japanese leadership of knowing months ago that areas around the nuclear plant would not be habitable for decades.

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