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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Calamari anyone? Giant squid wash up on San Diego beach

I am not trying to make light of the situation by the title of this post but such incidents have been happening so frequently now that it has become a regular occurrence; pretty soon people will not even bother to stop and look as their beaches are littered with anything from dead anchovies to beluga whales. My theory is that the as the tectonic plates shift inside the earth, underwater volcanoes are going off and poisonous gases otherwise trapped under the sea floor are being released and these toxic poisons are killing marine life by the millions. The other possibility is that there are changes being affected in the Earth's magnetic field as shown in the movie 'The Core' that are disorienting these marine animals and they are beaching themselves instead of swimming in their natural habitat. In the News report below a woman claims that she has never seen squid on the beach in the 42 years she has been there. So although the official on the scene tries to play this down, it is apparent to anyone with their thinking cap on that this is anything but a normal occurrence. What will need to happen before these official types come out and say that they are as clueless about the real cause of these things as the rest of us?

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