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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Prepare for Economic Collapse and War - part 2

Prepare for Economic Collapse and War - part 2

In this latest News Update video, Paul Sandhu analyses the real state of the world's health in terms of the following:

1. Economy
2. War and Geopolitical Tensions
3. Climate Catastrophes and Geophysical disasters
4. Food shortages and Famines
5. Pestilences, Pandemics and Deadly infectious diseases

BREAKING NEWS: NATO attack on Syria draws closer - Prelude to WW 3

BBC News: Syria unrest: 'Deadly military attack' on Latakia port

Syrian warships have joined a military assault on protesters in the northern port city of Latakia, activists say.
At least 19 people have been killed in the operation, according to activists and human rights groups. Syria has come under increased diplomatic pressure in the past week to stop its crackdown on dissent. The US has imposed sanctions on Damascus and has said these could be increased, while calling on other countries to follow.

Tough words have been  spoken against Syria lately by high placed American politicians like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who has indicated that time is running out for Syria. This can only mean a military attack by NATO led by the US. Wars, wars and more wars, sadly peace is a thing of the past in this world until the Prince of Peace (Jesus) returns to set the world aright.

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