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Friday, August 5, 2011

Israelis battle Economic hardship not Palestinians


The Israeli - Palestinian conflict is on the front pages of Western media on a regular basis but as the video below proves, the average Israeli is concerned more with making ends meet than putting an end to their Palestinian neighbors. Israel receives more Western 'Aid' than any other country in the world. With a relatively small population of around 3 million people, everyone in Israel should be wealthy but seems like that is not the case. As happens in all cases of 'Aid' money, it rarely benefits the average citizen. In Canada there is a wealthy Jewish community that raises hundreds of millions if not billions for Israel every year, where does that money go? The same is also true of the US Jewish community that raises millions for Israel annually. On top of that the US Govt. sends Israel a few billion in 'Aid' money every year; what happens to the money? I wrote in my post yesterday on the sad condition of the Haitian people 18 months after the 2010 earthquake that most of the Aid money collected worldwide for Haiti has not benefited the people or the nation; where has the money gone? The same is true for Israel, billions are sent as Aid money every year, where does the money go if it does not reach the average person? It goes to paying for GUNS and BOMBS. The money meant for Aiding the nation is spent on weaponry, so the Aid actually benefits the Armaments Industry, mostly American and Western European companies.  That is the game of 'Aid' as played on the international arena; money pledge in 'Aid', especially 'Military Aid' is actually a subtle way of defrauding American and Canadian and other tax paying citizens of developed nations by stealthily forcing the 'Aid' recipients to spend the money on weapons rather than on developing their nations.Wherever there is money involved, there is always an angle to benefit some person or group other than the people or group in whose name the money is collected! 

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