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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Global Economic Depression very likely - CNBC video

The following report from CNBC lets the cat out of the bag - A GLOBAL DEPRESSION is coming. I would say they are a bit late with this information. The world has been in THE GREATER DEPRESSION since 2008 and the powers that be have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at it yet things only keep getting worse. Back in 2009 I wrote that the recovery was a smokescreen and things would continue to deteriorate, rapidly so at some time in the future. That which was the future in 2009 has almost arrived, and I believe the whole system can now fall apart without warning. It will a shock even to ‘aware’ people like those who read this blog how quickly the world will be transformed from ‘civilization’ to ‘anarchy’ within days when the dollar does collapse and die.

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