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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Economic News - the good (oops nothing good) just bad, ugly and uglier

The stock market is starting to feed economic fear, not just reflect it. Stocks have fallen four weeks in a row. Some on Wall Street worry that the resulting blow to confidence, not to mention 401(k) statements, has set off a spiral of fear that could push prices even lower, cause people and businesses to pull back and tip the economy into a new recession. "I'm nervous that fear will lead companies to stop hiring and people to stop spending," says Jim Paulsen, chief investment strategist of Wells Capital Management, famous for his usually bullish take on the markets. Read Article

Everyone knows there was no ‘Recovery’ from the Recession / Depression that started in 2008. The media is just trying to spin this off as a ‘New Recession’, nothing new about it; none of the problems that started the 2008 recession have been resolved, on the contrary they have been greatly exacerbated!

Signs of the End latest video News Update Summary: Clouds that will bring the Perfect Storm are gathering around the world. This soon coming storm will bring dollar collapse, bank closures, wars, riots, revolutions and anarchy. This is without taking into account the probability of even bigger climate disasters and the possibility of one or more deadly pandemic outbreaks that would normally be considered to be world shaking events in their own right. We may make it through 2011 without this perfect storm hitting the world but I would think it near impossible that it will not arrive by mid-2012 at the very latest.

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