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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

555 / 666 what's in a number? Stealth Austerity for Ameicans!

I am not a numerologist nor do I claim to have much knowledge of numbers in scripture or in occult circles. I just found it interesting that on Monday 8/8/11, the Dow Jones fell 634.76 points which was a change of 5.55%.  On the same day the S&P fell 79.92 points wihich is a change of 6.66% - Coincidence?

On CNN and other talk shows the talking heads kept saying over and over how pensioners and small investors would be hammered by the stock market fall. This is nothing more than STEALTH AUSTERITY for Americans as their savings are destroyed - 4 Trillion gone today and that's on top of the trillions that were lost in 2008. 3rd world America sadly means 4th and 5th world for the presently 3rd world denizens.


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