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Friday, July 15, 2011

Pestilences in diverse places - More Hollywood predictive programming?

Movie is being released on Sept. 9 of 2011 / 9-11 - is this another example of predictive programing from Hollywood?


  1. Absolutely more predictive programming--notice how a vaccine is ALWAYS the answer in these movies...oh, and be afraid, be very afraid--of the birds, and everyone and everything.

    Fear not, fear not, fear not (63 times we were are told in the Bible--fear not).

  2. Saw the movie and it had FEMA camps handing out MRE's, riots, people breaking in homes, no food on the shelves, people breaking in pharmacies to try to get the vaccine. Take the vaccine and you get a wrist take that can be scanned. Also a character along the lines of Alex Jones....who later is arrested and taken away. Will the PTB stage something like this? Possibly at some time and they will have the cure all along....millions of people will die...but then the PTB will come up with a vaccine that they will force feed you. Not on my watch!!!