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Friday, July 22, 2011

Layoffs, Layoffs Everywhere You Look There Are Layoffs

The Unemployment situation in the US, and therefore the world keeps getting more grim by the day even as the media lies that the stock market has gone up so there is a recovery in progress. Even in Canada the Federal Govt. plans on laying off some 40,000 employees. The city of Toronto announced that it would lay off a quarter of its work force of 55,000 employees to less than 40,000. Austerity (code word for poverty) is clearly being enforced upon all yet the masses continue to slumber. When the rude awakening finally hits home, it will be too late to do anything about it and the masses will have no one to blame but themselves.



Quote from linked report:
The competition for jobs in the United States is absolutely brutal right now, and it is about to get worse.  A new wave of layoffs is sweeping across America.  During tough economic times, Wall Street favors companies that are able to cut costs, and the fastest way to "cut costs" is to eliminate employees.  After a period of relative stability, the employment picture in the U.S. is starting to get bleaker again.  New applications for unemployment benefits have now been above 400,000 for 15 straight weeks.  Finding a good job is kind of like winning the lottery in this economy. Our federal government and the state governments have made it incredibly complicated and extremely expensive to have employees on the payroll.  It is getting harder and harder to get a large enough return to justify the time and expense that hiring employees requires.  So many firms now find themselves trying to do more with the employees that they already have.  Other companies are turning to temp agencies as a way to reduce costs and increase workplace flexibility.  A lot of the big corporations are sending as much work as they can overseas where the wages are far lower and where the regulatory environment is much simpler.  All of this is really bad news for American workers that just want good jobs that will enable them to provide for their families.

My Comments: To most people in America and the rest of the world the ongoing Economic Crisis seems incredibly complex. However the truth as always is rather simple. The people running the show, namely international banks that loan money to governments have declared war on the Middle Class everywhere. Since the masses are kept sedated through mindless entertainment and sports, and meaningless News reports like the Debt Ceiling charade being played out in the media right now, they do not have a clue that what they are witnessing is their own Economic and political demise and that of future generations. The masses do not understand that they are being enslaved by their leaders working on behalf of their bankster masters. Most people scoff at the idea that the continuing and accelerating Global Economic Collapse is a carefully orchestrated event with a predetermined outcome, people shrug off these indisputable claims as ‘Conspiracy Theories’. Jesus said that by their fruits shall ye know them, and the fruits of the policies of the banking elite are leading to a rapid destruction of the Middle Class through so – called ‘Austerity’ being imposed on them as the previous story proves. The monied banking ruling royal elites of the world have fine-tuned Economic systems over thousands of years and have now achieved near absolute control over all money in the world through fiat currency based economies. Sound money is gold and silver not paper; but there is not a nation on Earth today that does not have a fiat paper money based Economy. The largest paper money holdings in the world are in US dollars and when the dollar collapses as it has been planned to be collapsed for a long time now, the Global Economy will fall like the World Trade Towers on 9-11. And it will lead to a worldwide social crisis for which the elites have been preparing for decades; none of these things are unforeseen by them or unplanned. They will allow ANARCHY to reign for a season that will eliminate millions of useless eaters, which is how they like to classify the masses, particularly the Middle Class. The following report confirms that a Social Catastrophe, as recently witnessed in Greece is fast developing in America.

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