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Monday, July 25, 2011


In the following excellently written article, the author analyzes the geopolitical implications of the ongoing Global Economic Crisis and draws conclusions rarely drawn by Western media. Is the Western media just incredibly dense or are they a part of the establishment, reporting only that which their pay masters would have them report? Ironically more truth is reported in Russian or Chinese media than in the US or UK, which claim to be bastions of Free Speech. The flow of information in Western media is so well controlled that Goebbels(Nazi Propaganda Minister)  would be green  with envy!


Quotes from the article are in regular font with my comments in (parentheses in italics)

The world economic depression is a dire threat to the national security of the United States. To date, little or nothing has been done to address the causes of the depression and rebuild the economy. With the lack of leadership and vision in the western world, the depression will continue until the Anglo-American economic system known as the Washington Consensus self-destructs. This is occurring rapidly, and the Beijing Consensus is being asserted to replace it. At some point during this process the center of world politics, economics and military power will shift to North East Asia. This shift will not happen peacefully, and system wide warfare is the likely outcome if this breakdown crisis is allowed to run its course....

Let us be clear that we are in a depression on par with the Great Depression, not a downturn, a slowdown, a rough patch or a recession. Housing values have already fallen on average 26%, and during the Great Depression they fell 25.9% (1). We are not at the bottom for real estate by any means either. Unemployment the way it was measured back then was at least 24.9% (2). Today by those measures it stands at about 23% (3). Let there be no mistake, we are in an extreme crisis. The purpose of this passage is to emphasize the magnitude of the crisis. Calling it by other names and creating a false propaganda reality will only delay the actions needed to combat the depression. The longer our leaders delude themselves, the more severe the crisis will become.

 (I agree that warfare, revolutions and a general state of Anarchy will be the outcome of this crisis but I doubt that the political, economic or military power will shift entirely to the East. Chindia (China and India) have been built and empowered by Western investment and expertise. Both these nations, and pretty much the entire developing world, are client states of Western powers, controlled primarily by Washington, London and Geneva. They are colonies of the West, not independent powers, and take their marching orders from the West. So their buildup has been by design as will be their downfall. While an East – West showdown has been prophesied and will happen at some point in time in the future, the time for that is not just yet. China and India will suffer tremendously as the Global Economic Collapse enters its final stages, which is now happening. No part of the world will escape unscathed from this so – called ‘Crisis’ which should more appropriately be labeled a ‘Catastrophe’.

The author is correct in identifying the Crisis as 'Depression' but does not perhaps understand that a Depression or a state even exceeding Depression is being deliberately orchestrated by world leaders of Banking, Finance and Politics. There will be no solution for if this crisis had not been deliberately manufactured, there would have been no crisis. )

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