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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Recently HACKING or CYBER–ATTACKS seem to be in the News everywhere. The Pentagon reports it experienced cyber-attacks back in March (blamed on China), the phone hacking scandal in England has Rupert Murdoch on the hot seat and is making headlines everyday, and now comes this report out of South Korea that millions have been hit by cyber–attacks, once again blamed on China. It is my belief that cyber–attacks will play a prominent role in the coming collapse of global society, especially in developed countries. I also believe that cyber–attacks will transform China from a most favored friendly trading partner into a most hated foe. 

Cyber–attacks provide a very convenient excuse for several events that are sure to transpire over the next few months and years. I have listed these events in order of importance, based on the criteria of how it will affect life of average people across the world.

  • 1.       The coming collapse of the dollar: The collapse of the dollar is inevitable, and the stage is being set by the Washington drama currently being played out between Obama and the Republicans. People in Europe are becoming aware that their impoverishment (deceptively packaged as Austerity) is a direct result of government colluding with banks to defraud them. They are rising up in protests that will soon become revolutionary movements. To prevent the same scenario from arising in America, Wall Street or the Fed or the Banking system of America may conveniently be hit by cyber–attacks to be blamed on mysterious foreign powers, namely China. Why China would want to shoot itself in the foot by destroying Western Economies is a question the MSM will conveniently forget to ask. Other than people in America, China stands to lose the most if the US dollar crashes and burns. But since the crash of the dollar is inevitable such cyber–attacks will very conveniently shift the blame from the real culprits, Wall Stress, The Fed and The US Treasury to foreign enemies. As the MSM will incite Americans to become China haters (or Russia haters or Iran haters or North Korea haters but most likely China), Americans will give a free pass to their leaders who will have deliberately led them into this morass. Nonetheless the result will be a collapse of society and a descent into Anarchy which will be allowed to persist for a season as America, literally and figuratively burns to the ground. Like the Phoenix arising from its ashes, out of the ashes of that collapsed society a New World Order will emerge. This New World Order too has been planned for longer than most people would believe but we are now well into the execution phase of their plans and these plans demand a death of the dollar, and of Middle Class societies everywhere, particularly in America.
  • 2.       A shutdown of the Electrical grid: Once again cyber–attacks have the potential to shut down the electrical grid of any country or region. Such hypothetical scenarios have been speculated upon by intelligence agencies as well as by Hollywood. One of the Die Hard movies with Bruce Willis was based on the premise of terrorist cyber–attacks on the East coast electrical grid of the US. Whatever the origin of such attacks, the purpose of throwing developed nations back to the Stone Age at the flick of a switch does exist and may well be experienced in parts of the world, particularly in America. As in the case of the collapse of the dollar, cyber–attacks would provide convenient new enemies while accomplishing the purpose of destroying society as it presently exists.
  • 3.       A shutdown of the Transportation grid: Cyber-Attacks would almost certainly shut down the transportation grid, especially for air travel. Such attacks would adversely impact all transportation systems since Road and Rail traffic signals would not work or may malfunction leading to a transportation chaos never before seen in history. Other than the fact that people would not be able to move around, all business and commerce would come to a screeching halt. Since the food supply of almost all of North America rely heavily on just on time delivery for produce, meat, dairy and other food products, any disruption of transportation for more than a couple of days would lead to rioting and looting, once again a state of Anarchy would be created in no time at all.
In closing I would say that our way of life is so dependent on technology that any disruption, even a minor one, will have major consequences. Even more than terrorist attacks such as on 9-11, Cyber-Attacks pose a greater threat to life almost everywhere on the planet. I am certain that the PTB have not overlooked the value of Cyber-Attacks in furthering their plans of introducing a New World Order, a totalitarian system with a very few HAVES and a majority of HAVE – NOTS. The population reduction agenda would also be greatly forwarded by such events combined with biological and viral attacks, all of which are sure to come in the near future. 

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