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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Car bombs, drive by shootings - the future of America?

The following MSNBC report warns Americans of Mexico style violence coming to America. Such violence is a product of Economic disparity not of drugs. Crime stems from poverty, and as the economic conditions in America continue to deteriorate, violent crime will also increase dramatically. The powers that be understand that violence will be a natural outcome of economic malaise, therefore reports such as the one below are published to fool the public into believing that the problems will be a result of 'drug wars' or 'Al-Qaida' or some other nameless, faceless terrorists rather than the terrorists in Washington and Wall Street whose policies are destroying the Middle Class in America. The rich keep getting richer while the Middle Class keeps getting poorer. The phony 'Debt Ceiling' drama that has been playing in Washington will result in further impoverishment of the Middle Class even as billions and trillions are being thrown at Wall Street as gifts, courtesy of the Middle Class American taxpayers. And since the US dollar is the defacto reserve currency of the world, Middle Class people all around the world are being taxed to death through inflation generated by uncontrolled money printing by the Federal Reserve. It is because of Fed policies that we are paying $1.30 / liter for gas in Canada when last fall the price was around $0.85 / liter. And as inflation devastates more and more Middle Class families, violence will increase dramatically but as usual the politicians and the media will have 'boogeymen' bad guys like Moslem terrorists or Mexican drug lords to blame rather than the politicians and banking / corporate elite of America and the world. So do not be surprised if that which is presented as a possibility in the following report becomes a reality in America in the not too distant future.

US warns of bombs at Mexico border crossings 

Following the recent arrests of drug cartel suspects, the United States on Friday warned Americans traveling to or from Chihuahua, Mexico, that U.S. border crossings and the local consulate could become the targets of attacks.
"Information has come to light that suggests a cartel may be targeting the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juarez or U.S. Ports of Entry," the consulate said in a statement Friday. "In the past, cartels have been willing to utilize car bombs in attacks. We ask American citizens to remain vigilant."
On Tuesday, 21 people were gunned down in drug violence around Ciudad Juarez. That made it the bloodiest day of 2011 so far, surpassing 20 killings reported Feb. 18. 


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