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Monday, May 9, 2011

Last Days Talk & Signs of the End Newshour May 8, 2011

Last Days Talk & Signs of the End Newshour May 8, 2011 from Paul Sandhu on Vimeo.

In this broadcast, Pastorann and Paul Sandhu discuss current events related to Biblical prophecy as well what Christians need to do to prepare themselves for these unprecedented and perilous times. Topics discussed in this broadcast include the following:
  • The Osama death non – event
  • The high probability of more and bigger ‘Terrorist’ attacks in the near future, possibly this year
  • The probability of martial law and other oppressive measures inside the US, and possibly other countries including Canada and The UK.
  • Separating the invisible world from the visible: understanding the invisible spiritual roots of evil in our visible world.
  • False prophets abound such as the May 21st Judgment Day cult. These are ministers of Satan who present this dramatized Hollywood fiction to discredit the Bible when their prophecies do not come true.
  • Spiritual preparation through prayer, fasting and study of God’s Word is the only protection against multitudes of false prophets and wolves in sheep’s clothing that devour God’s flock for money.
  • World war 3 to begin as a series of wars in the Middle East that will spread to Iran, Pakistan and India. USA / NATO is already involved in these present and future wars, the probability of China and Russia, and the Far East (Koreas, Japan also being involved) is very real
  • Phase 1 of the End of the world will see at least a quarter of the earth’s population perish in a short period of time through warfare, famines, earthquakes and other geophysical disasters, and pandemics.

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