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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Judgment Day on May 21? Setting dates for the end of the world

Setting dates for ‘The End of the World’ has become something of an international pastime since before Y2K. With 2012 fast approaching, and a doomsday cult in the US and Canada predicting Judgment Day on May 21stof this year, I thought I would throw my hat into the ring and set some dates of my own. Mind you, I do this not by pulling numbers out of a hat but by a careful study of the prophetic portions of scripture, which provide us with a great deal of information, both on the events that will transpire as the world ends and the approximate amount of time that must pass from beginning to end. So rather than debate the claims of such false prophets, wolves in sheep’s clothing such as this May 21st Judgment Day cult, I thought it might be more expedient to calculate the length of time that must pass before the end of the world and the return of Jesus Christ, His Second Coming.

From the prophetic portions of the Gospels, particularly Matthew 24, and from the book of Revelation, it is possible to calculate a timeline of events that are prophesied to transpire before the end comes. And from this timeline, it is possible to calculate a minimum amount of time from the beginning of the end to the final close of this age, which is the age of flesh and blood man on Earth. The Bible tells us that ‘flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God’ (1 Corinthians 15:50), and since the King of kings, and Lord of lords, the Lord Jesus Christ is returning to set up His eternal Kingdom on Earth, this Kingdom will not belong to flesh and blood man but to the New creature in Christ. 

 This doctrine is not well understood even by most Christians, that the future ages have been deeded to ‘the new creature in Christ’, a species of being that is as different from flesh and blood man as a butterfly is from a caterpillar. 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. As the age of flesh and blood man comes to a close there will be catastrophic geophysical destruction of the planet, and also loss of life in the billions. This catastrophic destruction and loss of life will occur in several stages and will last many years, possibly 3 decades or more; so Judgment Day will not be on May 21st of this year, as a matter of fact Judgment Day will not be this century or the next or the one after that as we will see.

Many people are also predicting the rise of the antichrist in the very near future. On the subject of the antichrist, I believe we are still several years away from the revealing of the beast, possibly 20 years or more, that is, if the prophesied events begin to happen later this year or next. So I do not expect to see the mark of the beast in 2011 or 2012 and probably not even in 2022; in the present day there are lot more things about to transpire that should be of much greater concern to all, to believers in the Lord Jesus Christ in particular, rather than the mark of the beast.

The following table lists the major stages of the end of the world, and the approximate amount of time each stage will last. This table will allow us to calculate a minimum number of years before this present evil world will finally come to an end. I grant that there is some speculation in both the number of years that each stage will take to complete, and also in the number of lives that will be lost in each stage of the coming end of the world but I believe that these are reasonable and reasoned estimates not numbers pulled out of  hat. 

TIME TO COMPLETE / Numbers of lives lost
1.       The Beginning: termed ‘beginning of sorrows’ by Jesus
Matthew 24: 7–8, Revelation 6
3-7 years / 2 billion
2.       The First Tribulation of saints; the first mass martyrdom of believers
Matthew 24:9-11, Revelation 7
3-5 years / millions
3.       The 6 Trumpets and 7 Thunders
Matthew 24:12-13, Revelation 8-10
5-7 years / 2 billion
4.       The preaching of the 2 witnesses
Matthew 24:14, Revelation 11
3½ years
5.       The rise of the Beast and False prophet / The Second Tribulation of saints; the second mass martyrdom of believers (those who refuse the mark of the beast)
Matthew 24:15, Revelation 13
Matthew 24:16-21, Revelation 14:13-16
3½ years / millions
Time from now to the arrival of the Beast (the antichrist)

20 – 25 yrs.
Approximate number of lives lost before the Beast

Approx. 4 – 5 billion
6.       The shortening of days – time of God’s wrath: The 7 vials
Matthew 24:22, Revelation 16
Several months to 2 years
7.       Judgment of The Great whore, of MYSTERY BABYLON
Revelation 17-18
Several months to 2 years
8.       The Final War at Armageddon, the battle of the Great day of God
Psalm 2, Revelation 19
Days, weeks / millions
Time from now till the return of Jesus (His Second Coming)

30+ years / 6 billion+
9.       Jesus’ 1000 Year reign on the present Earth
Revelation 20
1000 years
Revelation 20
1000 + years

So based on Biblical chronology, Judgment Day may indeed come on May 21st, but it will closer to the year 3030 than even to 2030 let alone 2011. The billboards of this cult proclaim ‘THE BIBLE GUARANTEES IT’! Yes indeed the Bible guarantees that there will be a Judgment Day but it also guarantees that all liars shall have their part in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, and that is where those who guarantee lies in the name of Jesus Christ are headed. Do not deceived by these false prophets; study the scriptures so you don’t fall in the error of their ways!

In the present day what is coming the way of the world are ‘The Beginning of Sorrows’, the opening of the 1st six seals of Revelation, chapter 6. This is STAGE 1 of the beginning of the end of the world. 

In STAGE 1 we will not see the following events transpire in our world:

1.       We will not see comets / asteroids or other projectiles hitting the earth
2.       We will not see an alien invasion or something that would be deemed to be an alien invasion
3.       We will not see the opening of the bottomless pit, and Apollyon (Apollo) rising up out of it with his unnatural army
4.       We will not see the rise of the two witnesses
5.       We will not see the rise of the Beast (The Antichrist) and the false prophet
6.       We will not see the mark of the beast
7.       We will not see the battle of Armageddon
8.       We will not see the judgment of The Great Whore, MYSTERY BABYLON, which is the present system of money, banking and finance
9.       We will not see the return of Jesus
10.   We will not see JUDGMENT DAY

What we will see in STAGE 1 are the following events:

1.       WARS including World War 3 (not the battle of Armageddon)
3.       PESTILENCES: one or more killer pandemics will sweep the globe
4.       GREAT MAG. 9+ EARTHQUAKES (and related geophysical catastrophes such as tsunamis and volcanoes)
I understand that there is a lot more destruction that is prophesied to come other than by means of the four categories listed above; however events such as a ‘mountain burning with fire’ falling into the sea, and the ‘mark of the beast’ are events that come in later stages. By the time Stage 1 is announced to have come to an end by the greatest earthquake yet to hit the planet (Revelation 6:12), some 2 billion or so people will have died over the course of a few short years. The first priority for all believers should be to prepare for this Stage, and if God wills for them to live through stage 1, then and only then to concern themselves with Stage 2, and following stages.

Setting the record straight on the Antichrist

Before I close I would like to give my readers and listeners a short preview of the type of world in which the Antichrist will arise:

1.       It will be a world that will already have seen much destruction, both by man and what people call nature
2.       It will be a post-apocalyptic world with nuclear contamination rendering major parts of the earth uninhabitable
3.       4 billion or more people will already have perished before the revealing of the man of Sin, the Beast that rises up out of the sea
4.       The soil and waters will have been contaminated worldwide so there will be little or no natural agriculture (what’s happening in Japan is but a preview of that which is coming on a global scale)
5.       Most coastal areas will have been destroyed and made uninhabitable or become completely submerged so that geography of the planet will be completely different than it is today; new maps will be drawn which may not include places such as Japan, Indonesia, and Hawaii…
6.       The surviving population will be herded into mega cities, and will live packed like sardines with few amenities such as electricity and running water, and no luxuries such as bread, milk, butter and fresh produce, let alone meat, poultry or fish
7.       Free enterprise, commerce, banking etc. will be non – existent or little resemble the system of finance in the present day
8.       If people are employed at all, they will be employed by the government, private businesses will not exist; everyone will be dependent on government for all their needs.

The best way to describe the world in which The Antichrist Beast will arise is as blend of Hollywood movies, 1984, The Road, and Soylent Green. The world will have been devastated through war and geophysical catastrophes so it will look like the world of The Road. The living conditions will resemble those of 1984 and Soylent Green. The food situation will very much resemble that of Soylent Green, so natural food will indeed have become a luxury. It is in such a world that the Beast will arise and promise everyone Utopia, but will in fact bring them hell. So until we see that world, do not expect to see the Beast; no point in pointing fingers at Prince Charles or Barrack Obama or another man as the antichrist. When that time comes, we will know who the antichrist is. 

·         Watch Soylent Green online /
·         Watch 1984 online / 
·         Watch trailer for The Road

I have to warn viewers that these movies are graphic in parts and also very disturbing in their content and premise but tragically the world we live in is also very graphic and disturbing, far more than any work of fiction can accurately portray. These movies do give viewers a visualization of the type of world that is in reality taking shape right before our eyes, and will come into plain view in the not too distant future.

In closing I would like to summarize that the Dragon, the Beast (antichrist), and the false prophet will make their appearance in due time. Judgment Day will also come, of that there can be no doubt; but there is much that needs must happen first before these events transpire. So as we have been admonished to do, we ‘WATCH AND PRAY’ but we must understand the order of events prophesied in the Bible, so we know what we must look for, and when.

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