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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Breaking News May 26, 2011

THE ECONOMY: Why IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was truly arrested?

May 24, 2011 (EIRNS)—The arrest of IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn in New York on May 15 has brought the entire global financial bailout to a halt. The "clean job" that was pulled on Strauss-Kahn had been in preparation for some time, to the purpose of achieving exactly those effects it did achieve. "What the outcome of those effects will be, is uncertain, but the effects ... cannot be avoided," Lyndon LaRouche commented in a discussion with associates on May 21.
"The entire system is now going to crash in one of two ways. Either, by some unlikely prospect, the backers of Obama, Geithner, and Bernanke will survive this, in which case all Hell busts loose, or they won't survive it, and the situation becomes much more interesting. And what happened to Strauss-Kahn, is an absolutely crucial part of this turning point which has been reached in the past two weeks." Read more

UNITED NATIONS – The United Nations warned on Wednesday of a possible crisis of confidence in, and even a “collapse” of, the U.S. dollar if its value against other currencies continued to decline.
In a mid-year review of the world economy, the UN economic division said such a development, stemming from the falling value of foreign dollar holdings, would imperil the global financial system. Read it on Global News: U.S. dollar could 'collapse': UN
Fringe ‘conspiracy theory’ stuff such as the collapse of the dollar is no longer fringe or conspiracy. It would appear that there is some infighting or a lot of infighting at the highest levels of global financiers. It appears that this infighting is going to hasten the collapse of the global economy. They could barely keep the global economy together when they were working in concert; it will be impossible to do so if they are at each other’s throats. There’s no honor among thieves, and these thieves are of a variety that give ordinary thieves a bad name. So infighting amongst themselves as evidenced by the IMF chief’s arrest in NY is not at all surprising. This will be a very eventful summer – stay tuned!


Although this is a video game, there is much subliminal messaging that goes into video games. I believe extreme weather events will greatly weaken formerly formidable military powers such as The US and UK, and they will be conquered militarily; the only question is how close are we to this time?


May 26, 2011TOKYO  - Japan’s recent magnitude 9.0 earthquake, which triggered a devastating tsunami, relieved stress along part of the quake fault but also has contributed to the build-up of stress in other areas, putting some of the country at risk for up to years of sizeable aftershocks and perhaps new main shocks, scientists say.  Read more

As shell-shocked residents of tornado-hit Joplin braced themselves for another powerful storm system this evening, new aerial images emerged showing in terrifying detail the path of the twister which destroyed the Missouri city.
The shocking photos reveal for the first time the true extent of the damage caused when the mile-wide tornado that killed at least 122 people blasted much of the city off the map and slammed straight into its hospital. Read more 

The above story has some amazing photos that show the utter devastation of this Missouri town. How long before we see devastation of much bigger cities and towns as shown in movies such as Day After Tomorrow and 2012?

View of Joplin street before the tornado

 View of same street afterwards: This scene reminds me of Hiroshima at the end of WWII


WARS, FAMINES, PANDEMICS, and EARTHQUAKES are the four riders of the Apocalypse that will claim hundreds of millions of lives in less than a decade. I believe the decade of 2010’s is this decade, and no part of the globe will be spared. When these four horsemen are riding in every corner of the earth, we can be sure that the end of this present world has begun. There is nothing anyone can do to stop it but by believing in Him who alone has determined this end a long time ago, we can be secure in the knowledge that our souls will be saved, and possibly our bodies as well. His Name is Jesus Christ.
Matthew 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.

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