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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Sun sets upon Japan

This special update on Japan consists of recent News Reports, written and visual, that confirm the fact that the situation in Japan is far worse than is being reported even today. Since radioactivity cannot be contained or limited to a particular area or region, it stands to reason that this problem is not merely a Japanese problem or a TEPCO problem but a global problem. Why therefore have not the major nations of the world, USA, Russia, China, UK, France, Germany, and India, all of which are heavily involved in the nuclear industry, rushed to Japan and tried and resolve this problem? Why was entombment of the whole complex not undertaken immediately as it was in Chernobyl? Are the powers that be that stupid that they would risk contaminating most of the world, especially the northern hemisphere or is there another agenda at play here? The response of  Japan, and of the world’s leading nations to this catastrophe has been subdued at best, and downright criminal at worst. The whole world rushed to Haiti when the earthquake struck there last year yet there has been no international response to this far greater disaster in Japan! The Koreans and Chinese have even accused the Japanese of being incompetent in their handling of this calamity. The sun has indeed set on The Land of the Rising Sun. I don’t see how it is possible that most of Japan will not end up being a ‘Ghost Town’ like many towns in Fukushima already are? Will be seeing the abandonment of Tokyo? As this catastrophe keeps getting bigger and bigger, such questions will be asked in earnest, especially by the Japanese! I fear that the Sun will not rise on Japan for much longer!

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