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Thursday, March 17, 2011

World Health Report - Sick in 2010, Terminal in 2011

2010 was the most devastating year of this century in regards to climate related disasters. The three biggest catastrophes of 2010 were: 

1.The Haiti Earthquake
2.The Russian wildfires
3.The Pakistani floods 
But already in the first 2½ months of 2011, the frequency and 
magnitude of disasters has surpassed that of 2010. If the rest of 
the year unfolds like the first 2½ months, this could be the most 
catastrophic climate year in history!
1.The Queensland, Australia floods 
2.Christchurch, NZ earthquake 
3.Japan earthquake and tsunami 
4.Japan Nuclear disaster

In addition to the previously noted cataclysms, there have been the  
following notable disasters in 2011: 

1.Queensland, and Northeastern Australia is still being inundated 
with floods and extreme rainfall – “This year's "Big Wet", the tropical
rainy season of Australia's Top End, has set a new record for highest seasonal rainfall.” - Accuweather 
2.Devastating floods in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil floods 
3.Another 7.1 earthquake in Chile 
4.‘Historic proportion’ winter storms in North America 
5.Historically  cold winters in Europe, Russia, Mongolia, China, 
South Asia 
6.Droughts in China, Argentina, and parts of Africa 
7.Continuing reports of fish and bird deaths, and other animal dying 
by the millions in some cases

When we consider the fact that it is not only the climate / weather / 
earth change problems that have accelerated this decade, but
almost every other category that is vital to human existence is  
under attack, then it should be obvious that something is going on 
in our world that is not ‘normal’.

Economy continues to deteriorate; the Japan problem will greatly hasten the collapse of the Economy of the whole world not just Japan or USA
The Food Crisis continues to grow and will grow even worse due to the Japan quake and tsunami; Japan will need to import even more food than before
Threats of war, revolutions, revolts, civil wars, and social unrest are building worldwide and will also be greatly exacerbated due to the growing Economic Crisis and the rapidly escalating Food Crisis
Watch video for full report


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