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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Audio Updates – January 23, 2011

The following radio programs were broadcast the week of Jan. 16 – 22


Tue. Jan 18th

·         Weekly News Update / click link to play
·         with host Vyzygoth of Think or be Eaten Radio:

 Topics discussed:
·         Economy
·         Potential Food Shortages / Famines
·         Geopolitical Tensions / Civil unrest
·         Weather / Climate / Natural Disasters
·         Pandemics ( Swine Flu update)
·         Anomalous Events


Wed. Jan. 19th

·         Lessons of History / click link to play
·         Interview with host George Ann Hughes on The Byte Show:

Topics: The importance of understanding the past to understand the future. Discussion about the Ukrainian Famine and the Soviet era under Stalin. The complicity of Western powers in aiding and abetting Stalin, and the potential, rather the certainty of the rise of a global totalitarian State.


Thu. Jan. 20th

·         Is the end of the World part 9 / click link to play
·         Revelation studies series continued with Pastorann of tkscm Last Days Talk

As the series continues Pastorann and I discuss several ‘End of the World’ topics based on Biblical prophecy, particularly the book of Revelation. Some of the topics covered include:

·         The difference between ‘The Last Days’ and ‘End of the World’ events
·         Have any of the ‘End of the World’ prophecies from the book of Matthew or the book of Revelation been fulfilled yet?
·         What is the preaching of the gospel in the entire world in the end times?
·         Who is the book of Revelation addressed to?
·         Have any of the seals been opened yet?
·         And many other ‘End of the World’ Biblical prophesies are studied and discussed in this weekly broadcast


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