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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Conservative Christian – an Oxymoron

I was born and raised in a non – Christian country, India, from where I migrated to Canada when I was twenty years old. Although I had more than a passing knowledge of the three main religions of India – Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam, I had little or no knowledge of Christianity or the Bible. In Canada I was initially introduced to Christianity or a form of it, mainly through television. Back then in the early 80’s I watched some religious programming featuring such heavyweight televangelists as Jerry Falwell, Oral Roberts and the occasional Billy Graham crusade (the choice of this word, crusade, has to be the biggest Freudian slip of all time or it has some sinister import, I can’t figure out which.) Even back then these gentlemen came across more as snake oil salesmen than men of God and therefore I concluded that Christianity had much in common with the organized religions of India; it too was a lucrative business from which the upper hierarchy made a handsome living while convincing the masses that they were laboring on their behalf. Heck if were given a Lear jet or two, and a multimillion dollar mansion or two to live in, I could suffer myself to labor on behalf of lost sinners. So my first impression of Christianity and the Bible was formed by viewing these 'men of God', and needless to say the impression was such that it did not want me to run out and buy a Bible to study, and see for myself what these illustrious luminaries had discovered that made them so loving and so full of care for their fellow ‘lost’ human beings.

Later on I started discovering that the world was not quite what it appeared to be, historically and politically speaking. I came to understand that Orwellian Double Speak was all around me, that the world of The Matrix movie was far closer in reality to the world that CNN presented night after night. I began to realize that for my own well being it was essential that I neither believe nor disbelieve any information that was presented to me without studying and analyzing it for myself. It dawned on me that I just could not trust the trustworthy anchors from any of the news services or doctors or professors and even my own family members to present me with a picture of the ‘real world’. In time I came to understand history and politics in a much different light than I had ever done in the past. Later it became apparent that I needed to apply the same critical eye to religion as well. How could I trust that the Bible or the Koran or The Bhagvad Gita actually taught as doctrines what the ministers, imams and pundits of these religions claimed these books taught as doctrine? Thus began a journey on which I am yet far from my destination but for the sake of brevity let me say this about the Bible. I have studied this book for many years now and it is my unshakable belief that any serious student of history who neglects to include the Bible in his studies is not at all serious about history.

The Bible is truly a book of mystery that contains within its pages the esoteric history of man. Just as it is safe to assume that we will not hear the real news on the nightly news; so it stands to reason that the history contained within this book will not be found in churches or on TV. We can well understand that those are presented by the mainstream media to be the greatest proponents of ‘Freedom’ are the very same personages that are working most determinedly to enslave us all. So it is in the arena of religious thought, those that are labeled by mainstream media as ‘fundamental Christians’ are in fact, anything but Christian. Pat Robertson has a lot more in common with Adolph Hitler than he does with Jesus. Those of his ilk are far closer to the anti Christ than they to Jesus Christ. And there is a concerted effort in the so–called liberal media to paint a picture of Christ in our minds based upon these caricatures that portray themselves as Christians. Those amongst us who are the most unpatriotic beat loudest the drums of patriotism to forward their agendas; so it is that the most devilish in our midst proclaim the loudest to be the priests and prophets of God.

In mainstream religion, any religion, those who garb themselves in the holiest of outward appearances are in fact the most unholy of all. So next time you find yourself believing that these so–called ‘fundamental Christians’ are in fact Christians as defined by the Bible, do yourself a favor and pick up a New Testament and read it. Determine for yourself if these self proclaimed champions of faith have anything in common with the one from whom they derive the name by which they classify themselves, or at least the name by which the mainstream media classifies them. Is it not yet obvious that we are wallowing in misinformation both sacred and profane? Fundamentally speaking there is no such person as a 'fundamental Christian' or a 'conservative Christian'! Either one is a Christian or one is not, period. Those who apply such labels to men and women who are the exact opposite of that which is implied by these classifications have a devious purpose; and I think you are clever enough to figure out what that purpose is.

Have our conclusions as to the contents of the Bible been carefully molded by the very mainstream media that we so deeply distrust? We are constantly bombarded with carefully calculated misinformation so that we may formulate opinions and ideas that we deem to be our own; and in so doing we make them our own! Does it not then stand to reason that our opinions of the most important and only book that contains the complete history of man have also been manipulated? That subtly we have been taught what we ought to think of it; that without even realizing words such as bigoted, intolerant, narrow minded automatically start invading our minds whenever the Bible or words such as ‘fundamental or conservative Christian’ are mentioned? Are these words our own or have our minds been carefully programmed to think thus without us even being aware of it? Is it possible that these so – called ‘fundamental Christians’ whose words and works are diametrically opposed to the teachings of the Bible can be the representatives of Him who taught his disciples to love even their enemies? If you conclude as I have that the actions of these neo-cons reveal quite clearly that they are not the representatives of the Biblical Christ; and if they are not representatives of that Christ whose representatives are they??? By what sleight of hand have they given themselves the name of Christians?

If we neglect to study the evidence for ourselves and simply accept the conclusions presented by those who we know to be minions of the New World Order, whose purposes are we helping to fulfill, theirs or ours? This is a brief introduction to the topic of the esoteric history of man as contained in the pages of the Bible. I am certain that you have never been taught this history in church or in Sunday school or on TV. But without understanding this history one thing is for certain, all that we have believed to be history is at best a small fraction of the truth or at worst a downright lie.

QUESTION EVERYTHING! Yeah go ahead question God, God of the bible that is, question Jesus Christ and see for yourself if they can stand the light of careful and sincere scrutiny or not. JEHOVAH God, our creator gave us the ability to question things and persons including himself! He is not afraid of being questioned for he knows well that all our honest inquiry questioning will only prove the truth of his written word, The Holy Bible. On the other hand if you accept second hand opinions on the truth of the Bible; opinions that emanate from professors and ‘scholars’, or accept the findings of so–called experts no matter how credentialed they may be, without examining their claims carefully, you lose my friend! You will have rejected the most important information you can find on Earth, information of eternal value, and you will have rejected it based on second or third hand opinions! Opinions from men and women you will never meet, never so much as exchange a greeting with, yet you trusted their information because they may have been on CNN or written in Time magazine. The only person accountable for the welfare of your soul is you, TRUST NO ONE till you have studied for yourself and come to the conclusion like I did that the only trustworthy person on Earth is a person who is not even on Earth at present, his name is Jesus Christ.

6Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (John 14:6, King James Version)

35Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. (Matthew 24:35, King James Version) Are these the words of the eternal Creator or that of a madman? Who goes around making claims that first of all, Heaven and Earth shall pass away, and then secondly that His words will not pass away. His words will outlast Heaven and Earth, man that is a pretty heavy claim! But I am not the one that can convince you of the truth of this claim, which is only one among many such claims that Jesus made; no, the only person that can convince you is you. All I urge you to do is to take the time to study; seek and you shall find!

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