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Monday, June 1, 2009

Q & A - The Dawn of Time

Question. If time began once God had separated the light from the darkness, day 1 (as I understand), is this the 'dawn of time' you speak of - the time the pre-historic age began (in reference to Chronology of Creation series of radio shows recorded with Randy Maugans of The Threshing Floor)?

Answer. No, time did not begin with day 1 of the (re) creation; it began IN THE BEGINNING when God created THE HEAVEN (singular) which is the city of Heaven from which God rules and reigns. After he created THE HEAVEN, he created intelligent life, then the EARTH, and then the heavens (plural.) By creation of THE HEAVENS I mean creation of other heavenly bodies, stars and planets besides Earth. It was sometime during this age when the cosmos was growing (this is where the expanding universe theory comes from), that Lucifer rebelled and evil was born. Once evil had reached full maturity God judged that old world which was not limited just to Earth, and that age came to an end. This I believe is what transpired between Gen. 1:1 and Gen. 1:2. Essentially a lot of time had passed before God set about recreating the Earth and the heavens (2 Pet 3:7). So when God said let there be light and the re-creation began, that was not the dawn of time but rather the beginning of the present age, Eph. 3:5 and 3:21 as well as Col. 1:26 teach that there have been ‘ages’ of time not just a single age.

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