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Friday, March 27, 2009

THE COMING APOCALYPSE: It’s God, stupid! Not the economy or the NWO or…

The following series of questions and answers are meant to give us an understanding of the omnipotence of God so that we can be comforted in the perilous and trying times that lie ahead; and that are already beginning to come upon us. If it can sink into our hearts and minds that God is in absolute control of all things at all times then those things and powers, human or otherwise that we so greatly fear will lose their hold upon us. Then will we truly understand that God has not given us the Spirit of fear but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). There is a tendency both among Christian believers and non-Christians to attribute way too much power to human authorities or to the unseen spirit powers behind them that guide their ungodly actions. As an example, the internet, both in written word and in talk radio are filled with people shouting from the rooftops about the power of ‘THEY’… Who are the ‘THEY’ that so much power and near omnipotence is assigned to? Here are a few examples of who ‘THEY’ are:

  • · The Council of Foreign Relations
  • · The Bilderberger Group
  • · The Club of Rome
  • · The Trilateral Commission
  • · The Royal Institute of International Affairs
  • · The Council of 300
  • · The Vatican
  • · The Jesuits
  • · The Knights of Columbus
  • · The Knights of Malta
  • · The Masons

When writers or talk show hosts speak of the above organizations and the people running them, be it the Pope or the Black Pope or the Queen or the President or the Prime Minister or the Antichrist or the Beast, they speak in hushed tones as if these people or powers were God Almighty Himself. Here are a few examples:

  • · ‘THEY’ can do anything they want because ‘THEY’ control all governments and corporations.
  • · ‘THEY’ cause busts and booms, economically speaking, because ‘THEY’ control all Central Banks such as the Federal Reserve or the Bank of England.
  • · ‘THEY’ choose who will be President or Prime Minister or a Congressman or a Senator. ‘THEY’ have the power to put into any office any person ‘THEY’ choose.
  • · ‘THEY’ are the architects of a NEW WORLD ORDER through which they will enslave all nations and peoples. In order to accomplish their goal of world conquest ‘THEY’ will foment wars and revolutions worldwide, maybe cause a civil war in the United States, and other countries.
  • · ‘THEY’ will impose martial law worldwide but particularly in North America, and take all dissenters away to slave labor camps or execute them. ‘THEY’ control FEMA and Homeland Security and all other agencies that they will use to herd people into internment camps already built throughout the US and Canada. This will happen when martial law is imposed due to absolute economic collapse, and because of famine brought on by drought and pandemic.
  • · ‘THEY’ will cause droughts and famines through use of black technologies such as HAARP.
  • · ‘THEY’ will release laboratory created biological agents to spread pandemics worldwide in order to greatly reduce the population of the world, by as much as 75%.
  • · ‘THEY’ control the education system so they brainwash our children into believing whatever ‘THEY’ want them to believe. ‘THEY’ control mainstream media and Hollywood so they can destroy our country through misinformation and by corrupting the morals of our society.

I will stop for now because I am certain that you get the picture. For starters let me say that I believe all of the above scenarios are not only possible, they are quite probable. That there are hidden hands or claws that guide the affairs of this world in a most evil manner, of that I have no doubt. So I do not take issue with alternative journalists or talk show hosts that bring us this information; what I take issue with the contention that it is ‘THEY’ who alone plan and execute these scenarios that are bringing our world to the edge of extinction. Are ‘THEY’ the ones really in control or are ‘THEY’ mere puppets whose strings are being pulled from behind the curtain by an unseen hand? In my next entry I will ask a series of questions the answers to which should settle once and for all who really runs the show and whom we ought really to fear not ‘THEY’.

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